Milton Glaser, a 20th-century American graphic designer, had a unique perspective on how one judges a piece of design work.

“There are only three responses to a piece of design work,” he said. “Yes, no and Wow! Wow is the one to aim for.”

Organizers of the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (ADAC)’s annual Discover ADAC event, set for Sept. 24 through 26, hope to hear many “Wows” as they invite the design community and enthusiasts from throughout the country and world to attend this gathering.

According to a news release, Discover ADAC is built around the idea to “unlock your potential and to break through boundaries, explore new sources of inspiration, reveal unseen possibilities and create a vision and style that is authentic to the individual.”

ADAC’s goal is to create a space where designers and design enthusiasts of all levels can mingle with the industry’s biggest and brightest names while discovering new perspectives on design, the release stated.

The event will include more than 30 activities, including keynote speaker presentations, salon-style talks, product launches, book signings, cocktail sip and strolls and pop-up shops.

ADAC General Manager Katie Miner said this event gives its 1,200 members an opportunity to display and discuss any new products or product designs they have introduced.

“Some of our industry’s biggest names will be in attendance and share their product designs and the inspiration behind those new designs,” she said. “We want to create a space where designers and design enthusiasts of all levels can mingle with the industry’s biggest and brightest.”

Discover ADAC is bringing together some of the industry’s most respective names involving design, including addresses by Timothy Corrigan, who has design firms in Los Angeles and Paris, Los Angeles-based designer and self-proclaimed style icon Madeline Stuart, Michigan-based designer Jean Stoffer and New York-based design duo Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller among others.

“These and other speakers addressing this conference are not just architects from Atlanta and the Southeast region of the United States, but they are from throughout our country (and) around the world,” Miner said.

Events at the meeting will span a variety of themes, including several female-led panel discussions to include topics ranging from creating an inviting home, international influences and one of the best representations of the design talent in the Southeast, the release stated.

“Those attending will have the opportunity to listen to the speakers and read their new books in addition to book signings and be inspired for their own projects,” Miner said.

The event is free to attend, but registration is required for all events. For more information, visit


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