Residents who use Fulton County water and sewer services may soon face a 5% annual increase in rates for three years for a program which would benefit north Fulton customers.

“What we need to know is what needs to be expanded, so that everyone can be included in terms of upcoming development and their needs for water and sewer services,” District 6 County Commissioner Joe Carn said.

He and other commissioners discussed the issue for more than an hour at the board of commissioners’ Nov. 6 meeting, Carn’s first since being elected Oct. 15, at Assembly Hall in downtown Atlanta. At that point, board Chair Robb Pitts moved to hold the agenda item until the commission’s next meeting Nov. 20 since the new rates won’t take effect until Jan. 1, and the board approved the motion 7-0.

The resolution is designed to authorize increases in water and sewer rates countywide, which would be necessary to complete the projects included in the 2020 to 2026 Water and Wastewater Capital Improvement Program.

According to Pitts, City of South Fulton Mayor William “Bill” Edwards’ concerns with how approval of this resolution would affect his residents, as well as the worries of the other mayors in the county’s southern portion are, as Pitts said, “are very real.”

Pitts said the commission needs time to hear what Edwards and the other mayors are saying.

“I am surprised that this item is on today’s agenda without the board of commissioners having had more of a briefing on this resolution,” he said. “There are some awesome issues that need to be satisfied and, at the same time, the concerns of south county residents need to be addressed as well.”

District 2 Commissioner Bob Ellis agreed, saying it appeared some commissioners may not he had a chance to fully review all the information regarding the county’s water capital improvement program.

“We just need a little more time to review this resolution and its impact,” he said.


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