Alpharetta Business Association marks 25 years with look back on impacts to the city.

Founded in 1994 by a group of downtown Alpharetta merchants aiming to "to promote their shops and restaurants in an effort to draw customers to the area."

According to a news release, "that determination has paid off."

The "small group" has transformed into the Alpharetta Business Association or ABA.

Originally known as the Downtown Alpharetta Business Association or DABA, ABA’s reach now extends beyond downtown to every corner of Alpharetta. 

"The Alpharetta Business Association continues its commitment to the historic Alpharetta area as it continues to grow, change, and provide unlimited opportunities," said a release.

The organization welcomes all businesses in Alpharetta and the surrounding areas to join.

Alpharetta Business Association membership includes "dedicated business professionals who work together to improve the business climate" in the city.

During its tenure, the Alpharetta Business Association has served as the presenting organization of local events and projects, such as the Alpharetta Farmers Market, Alpharetta Business Expo, Brew Moon Fests, State of the City Address and Mayor's Breakfast, Alpharetta First and Alpharetta Guidebook.

“We will be celebrating our 25 years of success throughout 2019,” said Alpharetta Business Association President Peg Hussing, 

"Over the years, the organization has grown and changed but the original vision remains the same. We help create a thriving Alpharetta, alive with business, shopping and activity, that’s at the heart of our group," said Hussing.

According to the release, "the longest-standing, still active members" include Alpharetta Convention & Visitors Bureau President and CEO Janet Rodgers; Alpharetta Farmers Market Manager Carol Anderson-Wood; , RJD Architecture Owner Richard Debban, Picture Framer Owner Buddy Gash, Korner Soak Owner Alyx Korner, Nature’s Veranda Landscaping Owner Larry Attig and Art Trotter of Trotter Holdings, a real estate services company.

More information about the Alpharetta Business Association is available at


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