As an educator, Mr. Fein, should understand the power of words. To think that the person who holds the highest office in the land, would think that his words would not be repeated, shows how President Trump holds very little regard for the office or the people he is supposed to represent. The mainstream media did overdo the story, but so did the conservative media spinning the words to their point of view.

I am a progressive who wants American borders to be secure, but should we spend billions for a physical wall that is not needed to that extent, when we have infrastructure problems, opioid epidemics, a health care crisis and a trillion dollar deficit? Did conservatives suddenly change their mind about the deficit? Until both parties can actually use common sense to solve problems, this country will be mired in banana republic politics. Points in case are the CHIP program and the Dreamers. Republicans control all three branches of government. These two issues, on which both Republicans and Democrats agree, should have been solved months ago. Republicans would not bring these issues to be voted on for their own merit so that they could be used as bargaining chips. Republicans admitted to that in interviews.

Both sides have done these kinds of policy tricks in the past. I am tired of politicians spinning empty words to keep voters happy and not fixing the problems we sent them to fix. Our current system is about the people in power keeping their power whether through gerrymandering, political spin, backroom deals or pandering to other power brokers.

Mr. Fein implies that foul language is used a lot behind closed doors in New York. Does that make it right for our president to speak like that in meetings? Is this what we want to hold up to our children as an example for the person who occupies the office of President? Instead of holding our leaders to the lowest standards, I would hope that all of us would hold them to a higher standard, Democrat or Republican. And yes, when our president says things like “s---hole countries”, it does reflect his ideas about the people from those nations. If he actually understood that the immigration lottery is not really a lottery, he might have used different language.

Connie Phillips,



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