1st-$7,000, Claiming $2,500-$2,500, 3-Year-Olds & Up , Six Furlongs

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1Viscosity (BL), 123M. Luark1-2-5Jesse Compton6/1
2Always Outnumberd (BL), 123K. Deonauth3-8-7Andrew Bossung15/1
3Just Due (BL), 123E. Herman5-1-4Mark Sweitzer8/1
4Hidden Gun (BL), 123R. Martinez6-3-2Brent Janssen10/1
5Tell a Friend (BL), 123S. Bethke2-1-4Mark Lemburg4/1
6Lil' Apollo (BL), 123A. Pusac3-4-1Kelli Martinez8/1
7He's a Rockstar (BL), 123C. Fackler3-1-3David Anderson3/1
8Kings Court (BL), 123F. Johnson5-7-4Steve Dickinson20/1
9Kipper Key (BL), 123C. Ordaz1-3-2Gerald Baumer12/1
10Gone Preachin (BL), 123J. Olesiak2-1-3Mike Sorensen5/1

2nd-$7,000, Claiming $2,500-$2,500, 3-Year-Olds & Up , Six Furlongs

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1Cowboy Accent (BL), 123C. Ordaz7-4-4David Anderson4/1
2Sweet Tigger (BL), 123S. Bethke4-4-4Mark Lemburg8/1
3Como Se Llama (BL), 123J. Olesiak6-6-3Jason Wise5/2
4Chi Town Chief (BL), 123E. Herman4-3-6John Ness12/1
5Brother Who (BL), 123R. Martinez3-6-8Daniel Coughlin10/1
6Battered (BL), 123A. Pusac4-2-4Salvador Arceo6/1
7Bear's the Name (BL), 123S. Ruhe6-7-7Mark Hibdon15/1
8Thunderupalley (BL), 123C. Fackler2-5-7James Compton9/2
9Dakota Deacon (BL), 123G. Garnett9-8-7Tony Jones20/1
10Lil' Quarter Chute (B), 123F. Johnson6-8-4Steve Dickinson15/1

3rd-$7,000, Claiming $2,500-$2,500, 3-Year-Olds & Up , Six Furlongs

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1Drama Coach (BL), 123A. Pusac3-2-3Richard Bliss5/1
2Mayhawk (BL), 123S. Bethke5-7-2Salvador Arceo12/1
3Rain Ray (BL), 123R. Martinez6-5-9Stanley McClain10/1
4Highway Fiftyfour (BL), 123E. Herman4-2-6John Ness6/1
5Willowy Danseur (BL), 123C. Ordaz5-6-3Robert Mitzner8/1
6Diesel's Prize (BL), 123C. Fackler5-2-3James Compton3/1
7Alphatime (BL), 123J. Olesiak2-3-6Marissa Black4/1
8Doublec'stwopunch (BL), 123F. Johnson4-6-5Merel Moore10/1
9Necessary Party (BL), 123M. Luark6-7-4Joe Hawley12/1
10Warren's Dr. Boo (BL), 123S. Ruhe4-9-6Tricia Rickert20/1

4th-$8,000, Claiming $5,000-$5,000, 3-Year-Olds & Up , Six Furlongs

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1Smoky Dreams (BL), 123E. Herman1-6-5John Ness12/1
2Ain't My Fault (BL), 123M. Luark6-5-6Mark Lemburg10/1
3Tristan's Dream (BL), 123J. Olesiak2-4-3Mark Hibdon3/1
4Mitchell County (BL), 123S. Bethke2-3-3Daniel Coughlin6/1
5Kenhedoit (BL), 123S. Ruhe6-4-1Dalton Dieter12/1
6Country Summer (BL), 123C. Fackler3-2-1Steve Hall4/1
7Alex (BL), 123C. Ordaz7-4-3John Muckey15/1
8Mystic Wood Force (B), 123F. Johnson4-5-4Steve Dickinson10/1
9Logan's Heroe (BL), 123R. Martinez8-11-2Tricia Rickert20/1
10Mr Fast Dixie Gold (BL), 123A. Pusac5-5-3Isai Gonzalez5/1

5th-$11,700, Allowance Optional Claiming, 3-Year-Olds & Up Fillies and Mares, Six Furlongs

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1Buy Gold (BL), 123C. Ordaz1-3-3Gregorio Rivera2/1
2Sweet Beav (BL), 123A. Pusac1-2-2Larry Donlin8/1
3Ms Zibby (BL), 123J. Olesiak1-4-1David Anderson7/2
4Runs Gold Nugget (BL), 123S. Bethke2-7-5Grady Thompson10/1
5Lost Key (BL), 123C. Fackler4-4-6Marissa Black5/1
6Jamacian Me Money (BL), 123R. Martinez5-9-4Les Rhodes15/1
7Chalk Line (BL), 123E. Herman7-3-1Schuyler Condon20/1
8Classy Affair (BL), 123M. Luark5-4-1Monty Luark12/1
9She's a Fantasy (BL), 123F. Johnson4-6-6Robert Hoffman15/1

6th-$11,000, Allowance Optional Claiming, 3-Year-Olds & Up , Six Furlongs

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1Senator Robert (BL), 123C. Ordaz2-5-1Mark Hibdon5/2
2Big Hearted Factor (BL), 123S. Bethke2-4-1Mark Lemburg10/1
3Break Free (BL), 123R. Martinez7-2-1Les Rhodes20/1
4Fly High Gary (B), 123F. Johnson3-4-7Steve Dickinson12/1
5From Day One (BL), 123J. Olesiak3-4-6Jesse Compton7/2
6Heisayankee (BL), 123C. Fackler1-1-1Isai Gonzalez7/5
7Renvyle (BL), 123A. Pusac1-5-4Joe Hawley8/1

7th-$20,000, Stakes, 3-Year-Olds Fillies, Six Furlongs

Fantango Lady Stakes

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1Pr Somethin Better (BM), 116C. Ordazx-x-xJason Wise12/1
2De Cats a Cougar (BL), 118C. Fackler1-x-xCresencio Arceo5/2
3Sweet Cowgirl (BL), 116A. Pusac2-3-6Bill Krause6/1
4Chamber Doors (BL), 124J. Olesiak1-1-3Marissa Black4/5
5Trepi's Trpl Crown (BL), 116R. Martinez8-7-xGregorio Rivera15/1
6Get the Glue (BL), 122S. Bethke4-4-4Jeff Womochil8/1

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