Judge Angela Z. Brown

Office running for: Cobb County Superior Court Judge

Job: Associate Magistrate Cobb County Court Judge

Partner, Moore Brown Law Group PC

Previously held elected office: none

Family: Felipe Brown (spouse), Ciara Moore, Christopher Brown, Malaysia Brown

University’s name and degree: Brown University, B.A. Psychology ; University of San Diego Law School, J.D., Duke University Divinity School, Masters pending

Military Service: none

Residence: Kennesaw, Ga.

Where did you grow up: Philadelphia, Pa.

How long lived here: 16 years total

Why are you the most qualified candidate for the position?

Angela Brown

Angela Brown

I have a diverse legal background which spans almost thirty years and includes approximately 13 years of judicial experience as a Traffic, State, Magistrate and Superior Court Judge. As a judge, I am fair regardless of the party or attorney before me and believe in people-centered justice that applies accountability ideals to the regular courtroom. I am not controlled by interests outside of the Constitution, a particular political stance or who has given me money. I work hard and respectful and am not a bully from the bench.

What is the greatest long-term challenge facing the community in which you seek to represent?

The greatest long term challenge facing our legal community is having a judiciary that is representative of the people in Cobb county that it serves. Cobb County is a thriving community that includes people whose diversity has grown over the years. Our judiciary should reflect that diversity.

What is your solution to that challenge?

My solution to the challenge is having a judiciary that is open and transparent to the people that it serves. When parties come to my court, whether it is family, business or criminal related, they can be assured that their diversity will not be a hindrance to justice. I will be respectful from the bench and rule fairly upon the evidence in front of me. In addition, I will continue to be an active member of the Cobb Community, going into communities that do not look like my own and bring the face of the judiciary closer to the citizens that it represents. Only by being community orientated and people centered can I as a judge reflect true justice in the courtroom.

Judge Reuben Green (incumbent)

Office running for: Superior Court Judge, Cobb Judicial Circuit

Job: Chief Superior Court Judge, Cobb Judicial Circuit

Previously held elected office: Cobb Superior Court Judge, Cobb Judicial Circuit since 2010

Family: Married for 20 years to my wife, Heidi and we have two children 

University’s name and degree: Doctor of Law with Honors from Emory University School of Law, Bachelor of Arts from Lewis & Clark College

Military service: Enlisted United States Marine from 1989-1993

City of residence: Marietta

Where did you grow up: Because my parents divorced when I was a young child, I lived with my mother, who raised me and my two brothers in Salem, Ore. and I spent summers and holidays in Cobb County with my father.

How long have you lived here: I have lived here in Cobb County on and off since the 1980s. I attended law school at Emory University School of Law for three years in the late 1990s. Since 2001, I have lived and raised my family in Cobb County.

Campaign websitereubengreen.org

Public email address: JudgeReubenGreen@gmail.com

Why are you the most qualified candidate for the position?


Reuben Green

I have spent my life serving our country and community, as a U.S. Marine, Federal and State Prosecutor and Superior Court Judge.  My experience serving Cobb County, demonstrates that I am effective, fair, and can lead under pressure. For ten years, I have served as your Superior Court Judge with the responsibility for nearly 2,000 new cases each year that impact the lives of Cobb citizens. I reduced the courtroom caseload, making access to justice quicker. In 2014, I started the Veterans Court. In 2018, the Superior Court Judges unanimously elected me as the Chief Superior Court Judge of the Cobb Judicial Circuit. As the Chief Judge, I am responsible for the administration of Superior and Juvenile Court and ensuring access to justice and the protection of our community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I entered an Order Declaring a Judicial Emergency for all Cobb courts.

What is the greatest long-term challenge facing the community in which you seek to represent?

The greatest long-term challenge is substance abuse and the Opioid Crisis. The number of opioid overdose deaths has continued to rise in our community over the last twenty years. The typical pattern we see in Superior Court is that the person was prescribed opioids after a medical procedure and they became addicted. Eventually they switched to heroin or synthetic opioids because they are easier to get and less expensive. According to the CDC, in 2010 there were about five times as many deaths from prescription opioids compared to heroin and synthetic opioids. Now, prescription opioid deaths remain at the same rate, but heroin deaths have risen equal and synthetic opioid deaths are double the death rate of prescription or heroin deaths. Deaths from all opioids have increased 1000% in the last twenty years. This crisis harms the individuals, their families and our community. 

What is your solution to that challenge?

The best solution to addiction is treatment. Over the course of the nearly twenty years that I have served in Cobb Superior Court, I have seen the benefits of our accountability courts: Drug, Mental Health, Parental Accountability, and Veterans Court. Providing treatment with the accountability and supervision of a judge and treatment professionals has a far greater success rate than housing the addict in prison. Recidivism is dramatically lower for the participants of our accountability courts so it is a win for the participant to lead a life free from addiction as a contributor to society rather than a burden. The cost of allowing addicts to participate in an accountability court is also dramatically lower than sentencing them to prison. As a Marine, I am especially proud that I started Veterans Court in 2014. Every week I have the honor of presiding over a transformation, watching veterans who have honorably served our country move from defeat and hopelessness to pride and purpose, to a life free of addiction and PTSD.

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