Name: Lindsey Tippins

Party: Republican

Office running for: State Sen. District 37

Job: Founder and owner of Tippins Contracting Co.

Previously held elected office: State Sen. District 37 (10 years in Georgia State Senate); Cobb Board of Education (12 years)

Family: Wife Ann and children Nathan and Rebekah

Education: Kennesaw Junior College, ABBA; Georgia State University, BBA; Woodrow Wilson College of Law, Juris Doctor

Military service: Not provided

Residence: West Marietta

Where did you grow up? Did not respond

How long have you lived here? West Cobb County 65 years

Why are you the most qualified candidate for the position?

Lindsey Tippins mug

Lindsey Tippins

My experience — I have owned and operated a business for over 50 years in Cobb County. I served on the Cobb School Board for 12 years and as its chairman for 3 years. I have served in the State Senate for 10 years, both as chairman of K-12 Education and currently as Higher Education Chairman. In 22 years of elected office, I have always returned the salary earned from these positions back to our community in the form of college scholarships and teacher stipends. Our family has invested itself in longtime involvement in the West Cobb community jointly in the civic, business, education and church sectors. I was honored to have been chosen as Cobb County Citizen of the Year in 2008. Because of my exposure to varied experiences, I have always tried to take the long view of fiscal responsibility and sustainable governance, instead of making costly and sometimes detrimental short-term political decisions.

What is the greatest long-term challenge facing the community in which you seek to represent?

I believe the greatest challenge we face is maintaining, as reasonably as possible, a sustainable mix of safe and secure communities, fiscally responsible governance operations, a sound system for delivering K-12 and post-secondary education opportunities, and providing infrastructure improvements that both encourage and stimulate economic growth. I realize the question was to identify the greatest long-term challenge. Good governance is not a single issue question but demands a give and take approach that is adequately flexible and adaptable in its implementation to accommodate unforeseen challenges that may arise, such as the COVID-19 dilemma we are currently facing. COVID-19 is indeed a huge challenge but having the flexibility to react properly even when all of the facts may be unknown, is the challenge we face in all of governance.

What is your solution to that challenge?

I believe the solution lies in the election of capable, proven and stable government leadership that are not given to making knee-jerk decisions. I use the verb 'are' because it is plural. No one person in the Legislature is going to materially change the dynamics of our state. But a good leader can share a visionary path of good governance with others, as Mr. Ernest Barrett did as Cobb Commission Chairman from 1965 – 1984, and inspire a sense of joint ownership of common-sense goals that can lead to much success and benefit to all. I ask for your vote and support as I try to seek to continue in this quest.


Name: Vanessa Parker

Party: Democratic

Office running for: State Sen. District 37

Job: Domestic engineer

Previously held elected office: None

Family: Husband James Ryner

Education: Fairleigh Dickinson University, MAS in administration

Military service: None

Residence: Powder Springs

Where did you grow up? Jersey City, NJ

How long have you lived here? 11 Years

Why are you the most qualified candidate for the position?

I absolutely love Cobb County. It is a great place to live. Since voting here, I have seen some laws that are unfair to women and the LBGQT community, I have seen unopposed seats at the polls and I want our point to be heard. I have been rudely treated, denied a notary by a notary public, which is for anyone with valid ID, and listened to grown men being stopped walking to work or just walking by police. As a Bible Belt elected candidate, I will address views and issues of all constituents not just Georgians born here, if you come from different areas and live here you’re a Georgian. I want to be powered by the people, all the people: from farmers to funeral directors, homemakers and homeowners, pastors & parishioners, millennials and boomers.

What is the greatest long-term challenge facing the community in which you seek to represent?

I never thought we would face unemployment challenges and being over 49. I see many very highly educated baby boomers seeking employment. We need to keep people employed to contribute to the tax base, we are living longer and need a decent pay to contribute into Social Security and state taxes to survive. Millennials graduate with loads of debt worried about that while studying and completing their studies. Imagine a higher minimum wage, so we don’t be supplemented by expired food, where you can afford to shop where you work or even enjoy a vacation once a year. Doctors treat everyone, they are not concerned what health coverage carry. We need to prevent illnesses and diseases. The pandemic needs addressing. I am not a doctor, but a mortician by trade, people die from not having annual checkups, eating many crappy foods, over drinking and lack of exercise.

What is your solution to that challenge?

Corporations should stop hiring temps and hire permanent employees. Organizations that have less turnover would have dedicated staff that would be better dedicated than jumping around from job to job and bonuses should be shared by employees. More healthy alternatives for everyone, free transportation for seniors and low-income workers. Give people full time work, listen to their issues and stay in right now so we have a future. I hope one day more people could work from home to decrease their imprint on the environment, we have a government that always available and greater grasp on technology for all generations, not just people with smart phones, internet and computer access. We should have incentives for taking care of our temple and more income for 95% of people who work and is the backbone of the United States of America.


Name: Turner Rentz

Party: Democratic

Office running for: State Sen. District 37

Job: Senior systems engineer

Previously held elected office: None

Family: Wife Anita Saha Rentz and children Will and Halle

Education: Georgia Institute of Technology, master's in applied physics

Military service: Not provided

Residence: Kennesaw

Where did you grow up? Georgia, Florida, Puerto Rico and California.

How long have you lived here? 28 years

Why are you the most qualified candidate for the position?

Turner Rentz.jpg

Turner Rentz

Voters in these dark times today demand change and responsiveness in their state government. I am the candidate to bring that change. I served in student senate and am a longtime activist. As a member of a team, I helped to eliminate nearly 72% of all child labor in India. I am currently employed in cybersecurity as a senior systems engineer. I have helped to upgrade and improve systems for Georgia Department of Labor, Cobb County DMV, and Hartsfield Jackson International Airport and led a team of researchers for NIH funded research. Georgia needs upgrades, that comes by new leadership and vision. I stand for constitutional order, transparency in governance, and the government that I and my wife, who have lived here for almost three decades, want to see. I stand against voter suppression and the lack of oversight that has hurt small business. This is why I qualify.

What is the greatest long-term challenge facing the community in which you seek to represent?

The greatest long term challenge to our community and our union is the tearing of the constitutional order. The global pandemic has wrought havoc upon our systems of governance and shown the weakness built into them by years of Republican led attempts to diminish them. Our state and national response to the global pandemic has shown us all the need to upgrade our local, state and city government. Our district is currently in a state of chaos caused by lack of transparency and blatant dishonesty. As a nation, we suffer a rogue Senate majority leader, and president. This lack of leadership has virtually guaranteed us a second wave of pandemic and we as citizens pay the cost. The greatest long term challenge to our country is the threat to our constitution and the diminishment of the power of the voter, and the blatant dishonesty that goes along with Trumpian government.

What is your solution to that challenge?

The first step is to realize where we are, and work together to make things happen for us. Georgia taxpayers fully fund our state and voters in my district want a return to economic equilibrium. They need testing, tracing, and the tools the state would provide in order that return be a safe one and prevent a second wave. Our nation has lost 30 million jobs in the past three weeks; the greatest job loss in American history under current Republican party rule. This crisis of leadership tells us clearly that we must not only stand for fiscal discipline but also build into the system of government the tools and processes we need to hear the voice of the people. A transparent state government that operates on science based policy will prevent disaster — and invite the arts, commerce, prosperity and new industry. Your vote for me is a good start.

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