Name: Stephen M. George Jr.

Party: Republican

Office running for: State Rep. District 41

Previously held elected office: None

Family: Wife, Cindy

Education: Kennesaw State University, B.S. Public and Social Services and Master of Public Administration

Military Service: U.S. Army

Residence: Marietta

Where did you grow up? Unincorporated Cobb County

How long have you lived here? Lifelong

Why are you the most qualified candidate for the position?

Stephen M. George Jr.

Stephen M. George Jr.

By any measurement criteria matrix I meet and/or exceed the minimum substantive vocational, technical academic, and life experience and personal attributes preferred for this position as ‘servant leader’ to the people of the 41st District. I hold a B.S. in public and social services, and a master's of public administration. I am listed among KSU's top 40 alumni and I was honored by KSU in 2004 through receipt of a Student Leadership in Diversity Award. I have a solid history of successful dynamic collaborative efforts leading to truly substantive proactive systemic changes here in the county and state. And I did much of it while also being the primary and sole caretaker for my elderly granny, God rest her sweet soul, for 15 years until she lost a valiant battle with Alzheimer’s and age-related dementia in 2018.

What is the greatest long-term challenge facing the community in which you seek to represent?

The greatest challenge we face as a community is thinking there are quick knee-jerk reaction solutions to complex issues and problems. Because the reality is there are no simple answers to complex questions. More than that, when we engage in knee-jerk solution behavior we often create and/or encounter unanticipated non-collateral consequences which are worse than the original problem. All that needs to stop. We need to work, as a community, in collaborative partnerships toward mutual local, regional and state goals. We need to embrace education as a lifelong process. And we need to pass common sense legislation that will lead to ethical state policy and policy enforcement. Likewise, we need to be fiscally conservative while also while caring for those within our society who cannot care for themselves.

What is your solution to that challenge?

I would advocate for legislative scaling of my current efforts in programming and policy formulation for state and local social service delivery systems. To do this I will file the following legislative bills:

  • 40 Hours of Crisis Intervention as a Core Mandate for all Police Academies,
  • Advocate for Total Community Engagement as State Policy for all Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Life Without Parole for 1st Time Conviction of Human Trafficking
  • Expand MMJ Access to Mitigate Opioid Crisis
  • Expanded Veterans Affairs Services
  • Mental Health Funding for (transportation to services & beds)
  • Comprehensive Reformation of Marijuana Laws including, Low Priority Marijuana Enforcement Statute(s)

Above all, we need to start spending our tax dollars more effectively. In fact, we should spend the taxpayers money like we’re spending our children’s inheritance!


Name: Michael Smith

Party: Democratic

Office running for: State Rep. District 41

Job: Former educator and Realtor

Previously held elected office: State Rep. District 41 since 2013

Family: Wife Ryisha and children Aniyah (17), Christian (13), Ryan (7), and Michael Smith Jr. (4)

Education: Kennesaw State University, history

Military service: None

Residence: Marietta

Where did you grow up? Cobb County

How long have you lived here? Since childhood.

Why are you the most qualified candidate for the position?

Michael Smith mug.png

Michael Smith

I am the best candidate for this community because I have a consistent history of working with any and everyone to get things done at the Capitol as a member of the minority party. For example, I worked with the Republican chairman of higher education to pass House Bill 852 during the last legislative session. This law allows students to stay at their local school even if they move in the middle of the school year. This session, I worked with the Republican chairman of special rules to help pass House Bill 755 out of the Georgia House of Representatives. This bill would require school districts to notify parents of their school transfer policy. In addition, I also carried House Bill 1009, a bill that unanimously passed out of the motor vehicles committee that would increase the safety of Segway and moped riders across the state.

What is the greatest long-term challenge facing the community in which you seek to represent?

Partisan politics is destroying this country. Although Democrats and Republicans both love this country, our respective bases are so divided that elected officials are seen as traitors for working with the other side. This is harmful for many reasons but I will only list a few. For one, the enemies of this country are meddling in our elections and using our divide to destabilize our politics and our economy. In addition, both parties are going to have to compromise and work together to solve the most important issues our nation is going to face in the coming years. The most important issue is getting people back to work and that’s going to take us uniting as a country. Only together will we be able to compete against foreign countries for manufacturing jobs, while also creating an environment where workers are respected. Also, we need to ensure that small businesses are thriving.

What is your solution to that challenge?

Create a bipartisan or independent commission that will be responsible for redistricting. This will reduce the importance of primaries and make the general election more important, therefore making our candidates more open to compromising and working together.

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