With the 2018 elections behind us, it’s time to look ahead to the positions that will be on the ballot in 2019.

This year’s elections will focus solely on Cobb’s cities — barring any special elections, no county, state or federal positions are scheduled to be decided by Cobb voters this year. Four of the county’s six mayors are up for re-election, as are several city council members.

The only city with no positions on the ballot is Marietta, as its mayor, City Council members and city school board members were all on the ballot in 2017 and elected to four-year terms.

All the city positions on the ballot are nonpartisan, so there are no primary elections on deck for 2019. The general election is scheduled for Nov. 5.

Here’s a roundup of the elected officials whose terms expire at the end of the year and will need to run for re-election if they want to keep their seats.


  • Board of Aldermen Post 1 – Butch Price
  • Board of Aldermen Post 2 – Gene Pugliese
  • Board of Aldermen Post 3 – Brett North


  • Mayor - Joe Jerkins
  • City Council At-Large 2 – Valerie Anderson
  • City Council Ward 2 – Scott Thomas
  • City Council Ward 3 – Sandra Leverette


  • Mayor – Derek Easterling
  • City Council At-Large 1 – James “Doc” Eaton
  • City Council At-Large 2 – Tracey Viars


  • Mayor – Al Thurman
  • City Council At-Large 1 – Patrick Bordelon
  • City Council At-Large 2 – Patricia Wisdom


  • Mayor – Max Bacon
  • City Council Ward 1 – Derek Norton
  • City Council Ward 2 – Andrea Blustein
  • City Council Ward 3 – Maryline Blackburn
  • City Council Ward 4 – Charles “Corkey” Welch
  • City Council Ward 5 – Susan Wilkinson
  • City Council Ward 6 – Tim Gould
  • City Council Ward 7 – Ron Fennel

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