Editor’s Note: This information is taken from inspection reports found on the Georgia Department of Health’s Environmental Health Search Portal.



Last Inspection Score: 62

Last Inspection Date: 05-14-2019

Inspection Purpose: Routine

Inspector Notes:

— Observed raw oysters, raw shrimp stored above cooked chicken wings and salad mix in the prep cooler; four trays of raw shell eggs above a bucket of pickles in the walk in cooler; raw oysters above smoked sausage and cooked beef in the locked reach in cooler. Food items must be stored according to their minimum cook temperature with ready to eat food stored above raw items. Corrective action: Food was rearranged.

— Observed the following food items stored uncovered – raw oysters, shrimp, raw chicken, lettuce, sliced cheese, smoked sausage and sliced deli meats in multiple reach in coolers. Food must be stored covered to prevent contamination. Corrective action: Food items were wrapped.

— Observed black mold and rust inside the ice machine, observed three soda gun nozzles and holders in the bar with pink slime mold and old food debris on the potato slicer that was stored as clean on the wall. Food contact surfaces must be cleaned to sight and touch.

— Observed several sauces, creme, dressings and gravy held in refrigeration for more than seven days. Food must be either used by or discarded within seven days which includes the prep date. Corrective action: All items were discarded.

— Observed several cooked meats, sauces, smoked sausage and gravy held in the cooler for more than 24 hours without a date mark. Foods held for more than 24 hours must be provided with a date mark which shall not exceed seven days including the prep date. Corrective action: Food was discarded.

— Observed excessive food debris and heavy grease accumulation behind and beside the fryers and other cooking equipment on the floors and walls. Must clean non-food contact surfaces more frequently.

— Observed management unaware of employee health policy regarding the six reportable illnesses and five symptoms and was unable to provide signed documentation. All employees must be aware of employee health policy and demonstrate knowledge regarding the symptoms, exclusion, restriction, reportable illnesses, and when employees may come back to work and keep signed documentation on site.

— Observed ice being dumped in the bar hand sink. Hand sink must only be used for washing of hands. It may not be used for any other purpose. Corrective action: Inspector informed staff and manager regarding ice may not be disposed in the hand sinks.

— Observed manager unaware of vomit/fecal clean-up procedure and unable to provide written policy or the required supplies to help clean fecal or vomit incidents. Staff must be aware of vomit/fecal clean-up procedure, provide written plan and obtain all required supplies on site.

— Observed numerous of cold holding Time/temperature control for safety food (TCS) food holding above 41 F in ice baths, multiple prep coolers, ambient air, and reach in coolers. Cold holding of TCS food must be maintained at 41 F or below at all times. Corrective action: Shredded cheese was discarded and all other items were removed and placed in the walk in cooler or reach in cooler to cool down.

— Observed thermometer not provided within facility to verify the correct temperature of food items. Multiple food thermometers must be provided to ensure the safety of food.

— Observed no food service permit posted. Must post food service permit in facility.

— Observed crack floor tiles and missing tiles throughout the main kitchen where water was observed pooling on the floor.


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