Editor's Note: This information is taken from inspection reports found on the Georgia Department of Health's Environmental Health Search Portal.



Last Inspection Score: 43

Last Inspection Date: 04-26-2021

—Observed a multitude of fruit flies were actively swarming in the dish washing area due to excessive old food debris in the drains of the three compartment sink and the wet mop in holding in a container. Pest must be controlled by eliminating harboring conditions for pest. Pest control services are recommended.

—Observed three fly tape traps hanging in the ceiling and electric insect control devices being used in the dish washing area for fruit fly infestation. Fly tape and electric insect control is not permitted in the facility and must be removed. Pest control services are recommended.

—Observed food items being help past there expiration date. Ham, with a prep date of 4/8 was in the main kitchen reach in cooler for 14 days past its discard date. Food items can only be held 7 days after being opened or prepped. After 7 days, items must be discarded or used. Corrective action: Food items were discarded.

—Observed dirty dishes being stored in the mop sink. Storing dishes in the mop sink creates a source of contamination. Mop sink can only be used to dispose of waste water from the mop. Correcdtive action: Dishes were removed. Three compartment sink was set up and began to wash, rinse and sanitize dishes.

—Observed main kitchen prep cooler and connected reach in cooler was not holding items at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Prep cooler must maintain a holding temperature of 41 degrees or below. Prep cooler needs to be serviced. Corrective action: All Time and temperature control for safety (TCS food) items were discarded.

—Observed several cans of chalkboard paint being held on top of a reach in cooler in the office. All potentially hazardous chemicals and materials must be stored separately from food storage. Corrective action: Employee removed to shelf on a lower shelf away from food storage, food prep or storage of single service items.

—Observed thermometers missing from the inside of all refrigerating units. Thermometers need to be placed in the warmest part of all refrigerating units.

—Observed multiple ceiling tiles missing in the back storage/office area. Flooring is missing in the front service area and in the main kitchen. It appears to expose slippery wood like substance where tile is missing from the floor. Ensure ceiling tiles are in place to prevent entry of pest/insects into facility. Flooring must be maintained and in good repair to prevent injury and the the entry of pest and ensures the cleanability of the flooring.

—Observed no designated person in charge (PIC) when inspector arrived. Employee stated no manager or person in charge was on site. All facilities must designated a PIC responsible for food safety during the absence of the certified food safety manager (CFSM) or manager. Corrective action: Inspector designated employee as the PIC.

—Observed PIC was not knowledgeable about food safety practices, including cold holding temperatures, cook temperature of eggs, storage of food items, allergen awareness and sanitizing procedures such as cleaning and sanitizing of food contact surfaces. All employee's must be properly trained on food safety practices.

—Observed PIC was not aware or trained regarding the eight common allergens or symptoms. Food staff must be trained regarding the food allergens as it related to their assigned job duties.

—Observed the PIC was not knowledgeable about the employee health policy regarding the symptoms and illnesses and also the exclusion and/or restrictions. All employees must be trained on the employee health policy and demonstrate knowledge regarding the symptoms, exclusion, restriction, and signed documentation must be maintained on site.

—Observed PIC was not aware of the procedures to respond to the clean up of vomit/fecal events. All establishments are required to have procedures in place to respond to vomit/fecal incidents and maintain required supplies on site.

—Observed CFSM posted is no longer an employee. Food service establishments must have in its employ a CFSM as specified in paragraph (b) of this subsection to ensure food safety is being managed within the food service establishment during all hours of operation. Corrective action: Must obtain CFSM within 60 days.

—Observed employees washing hands without soap and using soiled rags to dry hands. Hand soap must be provided at each hand washing station, employees must use soap for handwashing and employees must use disposable paper towels to dry hands. Corrective action: Employee rewashed their hands using soap and napkins to dry their hands.

—Observed soap and paper towels was not available at each hand washing station. Soap and paper towels must be provided at each hand washing station. Corrective action: Employees provided additional soap and napkins for hand washing station missing soap.

—Observed sanitation buckets were unavailable and towels used to wipe counters were soiled. Employee was wiping surfaces without sanitizer. Have sanitation bucket and clean towels available to clean food contact surfaces. Change sanitation buckets at least every four hours. Corrective action: Sanitizer made and surface cleaned and sanitized.

—Observed no hand wash sign provided for employees hand washing sinks in the main kitchen. CA: Hand wash sign must be provided for hand sink to remind employees to wash their hands.

—Observed Proper test strips were unavailable. Appropriate test strips are needed to check chemical sanitation levels.

—Observed leaks in the plumbing and the 3 compartment sink is non-operational due to the leaks. The prep sink in main kitchen and handwashing sink in the front service area are not in use. Sanitation buckets are being used to catch leaking. Plumbing must be maintained and in good repair to assure all sinks can be properly used.

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