Editor's Note: This information is taken from inspection reports found on the Georgia Department of Health's Environmental Health Search Portal.



Last Inspection Score: 67

Last Inspection Date: 10-29-2019

Inspection Purpose: Routine

—Observed steak and pork chops in the reach in cooler and waffle batter in the under counter reach in, all uncovered. Food stored must be covered to prevent the possibility of overhead contamination. Corrective action: Foods all covered.

Observed ice bin and soda dispenser nozzles with an accumulation of mold. Food contact surfaces must be maintained clean. Corrective action: Items were cleaned and sanitized.

Observed the chunk ham, diced tomatoes, cut tomato, sliced cheese, waffle batter and half/half holding above 41 F. Cold holding food shall be holding at 41 F or below. Corrective action: All food discarded. Time will be used until cooler is repaired. Ice placed in drawers and under counter cooler.

Observed several bins with water containing excessive debris and black, discolored water. Internal surface of drawers in front food services have food splatter. Nonfood-contact surfaces must be free of unnecessary ledges, projections and crevices, and designed and constructed to allow easy cleaning and to facilitate maintenance.

Observed expired certified food safety manager. Certification required to be valid/not expired.

Observed cook grabbing raw meat - bacon, pork chops and steak - with his gloved hands, then replacing the gloves with clean ones without washing his hands. Hands must be washed when switching between working with raw food and working with ready-to-eat food; gloves are not worn in place of handwashing. Corrective action: Person in charge (PIC) instructed cook to wash his hands after removing his gloves when bacon was cooked, and that hands must be washed after touching raw meat.

Observed sanitizer solution, holding cloths, at 0-10ppm chlorine.(X3) Cloths in-use for wiping counters and other equipment surfaces must be held between uses in a chemical sanitizer solution at a concentration specified under DPH Rule 511-6-1-.05(6)(n) Corrective action: Solution remade and reads 100ppm chlorine.

Observed several cup dispensers with the cups uncovered and exposed to the possibility of contamination. Single-service and single-use articles and cleaned and sanitized utensils shall be handled, displayed, and dispensed so that contamination of food-and lip-contact surfaces is prevented.


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