Editor's Note: This information is taken from inspection reports found on the Georgia Department of Health's Environmental Health Search Portal.



Last Inspection Score: 59

Last Inspection Date: 08-15-2019

Inspection Purpose: Routine

— Observed rodent activity as evidenced by rodent droppings found behind the reach in cooler. Facility should be routinely inspected the for evidence of pests.

Observed food in container in the cooler and turkey neck in the freezer that could not be identified. Person in charge (PIC) stated that they were brought in, but failed to insure that food was from an approved source. Food shall be obtained from sources that comply with law and invoices or receipt should be provided.

Observed cold holding foods, several soups, were holding greater than 41F inside the reach in cooler. Cold holding food shall be holding at 41F and below at all times. Corrective action: Foods discarded.

— Observed food debris around floor tiles, and old food debris beside and on the floor of fryer. All physical facilities shall be maintained in good repair.

Observed several non working microwaves stored throughout facility. The premises shall be free of items that are unnecessary to the operation or maintenance of the establishment, such as litter or equipment that is nonfunctional or no longer used and litter.

Observed employee food stored with customer food inside the freezers and coolers. Employee food must be stored separate from consumer use at all times. Corrective action: PIC moved customer food to a designated area.

Observed the main kitchen and area around kitchen dimly lit. Must ensure kitchen is adequately lit.

PIC lacks awareness in key areas of risk factor control and good retail practices for establishment. Persons in charge, managers or CFSM must be properly trained or retrained. Corrective action: Throughout the inspection, inspector went over important rules for food service with PIC.

Observed no certified food safety manager (CFSM) certificate posted to verify establishment has a CFSM on site. PIC stated that she was the CFSM but could not find the certificate. All establishments are required to obtain a CFSM.

PIC unaware of employee health policy and unable to provide signed documentation. Food staff must be aware of employee health policy and provide signed documentation. Corrective action: Inspector provided/reviewed employee health policy.

Observed no written plan on site to clean up vomit/fecal or all supplies. Must have a written plan for clean up procedure on site with all supporting supplies. Corrective action: Inspector reviewed/provided clean up procedure.

Observed chlorine sanitizer bucket above 200ppm. Chlorine sanitizer applied to food-contact surfaces shall be between 50-100. Corrective action: A new sanitizer solution was prepared to 100ppm.

Observed several mixed spice containers, and food items in the reach in cooler without labels. Food packaged in a food service establishment shall be labeled with the common name of the food, or if there is no common name, an adequately descriptive identity statement.

Observed spice racks lined with parchment paper, and with build up and greasy residue. All physical facilities shall be maintained in good repair; storage should be contracted in such a way that it is durable and easy cleanable.


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