Photography by Katherine Frye | Compiled by Stacey L. Evans

Lucky Draw Tattoo owner Phillip Duke and his daughter Maddie, 14, share a few tips on how to look undead without getting bitten. Duke has been volunteering with the Marietta Zombie Walk since its inception. At the event they will use professional quality makeup, air brushes and more, but here is an easy do-it-yourself guide to looking fabulously frightful.

You need:
  • liquid latex
  • coffee grounds
  • theatrical makeup (purple and black)
  • faux blood
  • cosmetic sponge
  • cosmetic brushes
  • plastic knife
  • food-grade glycerin (optional)

PREP: Before starting, put vaseline along your hairline so you won’t be screaming when removing the makeup later. Also, Phillip suggests putting conditioner on your dry hair to give it a greasy, dirty look.

1. Rub on liquid latex in the areas you want to create wounds,

burns or other textures.

2. Rub coffee grounds onto the liquid latex while it is still wet. This will

create texture and some color. (Tissue or cotton can also be used.)

3. Add more liquid latex on top of coffee grounds to seal it.

4. Let latex dry (usually about 5 to 10 minutes, you’ll feel it

tightening on your face and can press gently with fingers

to check). The white latex dries clear.

5. Using a cosmetic sponge, dab on dark colored makeup around

the edges of the textured area. This works best if you pull off bits of

the sponge to make a rugged rather than smooth edge.

6. Use a plastic butter knife to make holes in the latex. This will

create an open wound look.

7. Fill the holes with thick ‘blood;’ use the knife to insert if necessary.

Dab a bit of the fake blood around the ‘wound’ with a brush.

8. EXTRA: To make the wound more realistic, dab on food grade

glycerin, which will give it an oily appearance.

9. To get the ‘undead’ look, used the rugged sponge to apply black

and purple makeup around the eyes.

10. Apply gray cream makeup over the rest of your face. (optional)

11. If you want an extra bloody look, finish off with liquid fake blood. Use a spray bottle to squirt on face and clothing. (Ben Nye is recommended because it is richer and thicker than cheap drug store versions of fake blood.)

12. GO ALL OUT: Grab a pair of zombie contacts and you can give a death stare like no other. ZombieLens, the original FDA-approved producer of professional grade theatrical lenses, is located near the Square.

NOTE: The makeup can last all day but will start to peel if you sweat — although that can make a cool effect like skin is peeling off.

To remove: The latex will peel off when wet. Wash face with makeup remover.

Rather do a mask than makeup? Check out

Read all about the Marietta Zombie Walk here!


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