Trevor Beemon.jpg

Age: 33

Family: Wife, Natasha; children, Tucker and Eliza

City of residence: Acworth

Volunteer work: Marietta Museum of History, Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, Marietta Cemetery Tours, William Root House Museum & Garden, former member of the Cobb Landmarks Board of Trustees, former member of the Acworth Tourism Board, current chairman of the Acworth Historic Preservation Commission, Marietta Arts Council

Awards and honors: Eagle Scout (1999); Cobb Landmarks Historic Preservation Award (2003); Hashtag of the Year, Atlanta Magazine (2013); Tumblr of the Year, Creative Loafing (2014); profiled in Chronicle of Philanthropy (2012), Social Media Marketing for Dummies (2014), Leadership Matters (2014) and VoyageATL (2018)

Some kids like video games. Others like books.

But Trevor Beemon liked museums and history, a passion that followed him into adulthood.

“I grew up with a love of history. I loved old cemeteries and museums and anything to do with preservation,” said the 33-year-old executive director of Cobb Landmarks and Historical Society Inc. in Marietta, whose mission is to preserve and protect some of metro Atlanta’s most historically relevant buildings and sites while educating the community and advocating for historical preservation.

“After I graduated high school and was in college, I couldn’t wait to leave Marietta,” said Beemon, who was also an Eagle Scout and earned a degree in American history and a certificate in public history from Kennesaw State University. “I wanted to live someplace that had a lot of history, with people who preserved history. I wanted to live in Savannah or Charleston or St. Augustine. And then I remember listening to a song, and the lyrics said, ‘If you want to go change the world, how’s your hometown?’ It made me think I was trying to run away from here. I decided to try to take the qualities of these places I wanted to help, bring them here and make my community better. It’s like a ‘bloom where you’re planted’ sort of thing.”

So when Cobb Landmarks and Historical Society began its search for a new executive director in 2014, Beemon, who had spent the previous seven years at the Atlanta History Center, knew he had found his perfect fit.

“In first grade, we took a field to the Atlanta History Center. I remember when I came home and I told my mom all about it. We found the Root House in Marietta, one of the oldest homes in Atlanta, from the antebellum days in Georgia. I ended up volunteering there when I was 12 years old,” he said. The William Root House is now under Beemon’s purview as well, as it is the headquarters for Cobb Landmarks, and Beemon also co-manages the ever-popular annual Marietta Pilgrimage Christmas Home Tour.

Beemon now lives in a restored historic 1930s-era bungalow in Acworth with his wife, Natasha, and their two young children.

“Over the years, many parts of the original house were removed, so we’re trying to restore it to what it was -- with a few changes for modern living,”” he explained.

Beemon admits he’s enamored with the past.

Prior to managing Cobb Landmarks, he spent hundreds of hours volunteering at the Marietta Museum of History, Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History and the Marietta Cemetery Tours. He now makes it his life’s work to bring attention to the history of the county and help to preserve its historic buildings and integrity.

He is a former member of both the Cobb Landmarks Board of Trustees and Acworth Tourism Board, and is currently chairman of the Acworth Historic Preservation Commission. Beemon is also a member of the Marietta Arts Council.

“I love studying social history and personal stories. I’m not really into the dates so much. Just growing up in this area, we’re surrounded by the history of the Civil War, and I’ve always been drawn to that period and the time before the Civil War,” he said.

Still, Beemon will take living in 2020 over 1864. “I really love air conditioning and indoor plumbing,” he said, with a laugh.

If you would like to celebrate these honorees, please join us for The Cobb Life List: 20 Under 40 Awards Celebration on Thursday, Jan. 9 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre. Tickets include the the fun awards program and a reception immediately following can be purchased by visiting


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