Lace Larrabee.jpg

Age: 36

Family: Husband, Jarrod Harris

City of residence: Marietta

Volunteer work: Animal fostering and rescue, charity comedy shows

Awards and honors: Voted “Best Local Comedian 2018” by the readers of Creative Loafing; Atlanta Magazine’s Best Comedy Class 2019, winner of several comedy competitions, dozens of film and television credits

If you ask comedian and actor Lace Larrabee, there’s just something special about performing where you started.

“The local references are always more fun. Everything feels like an inside joke, and to have your friends and family come out to shows regularly is really great,” she said. Larrabee has lived in Cobb since 2002, but grew up in a small town in south Georgia.

Her first foray into comedy took place eight years ago when she performed at the Punchline in Atlanta for the first time at an open mic competition (which she won). Fast forward to today and she’s teaching an all-female comedy class at the same club where she started.

The class, called Laugh Lab, has become a huge success. She just graduated her 14th class and Larrabee estimates she’s had nearly 200 women complete the six-week course. During the class, Larrabee works with the students to create a 10-minute stand-up routine and perform the final routine in front of friends, family and strangers at the Punchline, just as they would as a stand-up comedian. But you don’t have to be a comedian to enjoy the class - Larrabee has trained business and community leaders with no comedic ambitions who took the class to gain confidence and public speaking experience.

“Working with all women is nothing short of magical. The support that they give each other, the friendships that are made in the’s really cool just to help women find their voice,” she said.

Aside from touring nationally, she also has a role as a news satire correspondent in the upcoming film “Irresistible,” starring Steve Carell, Rose Byrne and directed by Jon Stewart. She can also be seen on the show “Queen America” with Catherine Zeta-Jones, a dark comedy about beauty pageants. It seems an apropos role for the 2007 winner of Miss Cobb County. She also has written for various television shows.

Larrabee recently appeared as a recurring guest on the Game Show Network’s “Caroline & Friends,” hosted by Caroline Rhea.

Larrabee lives in Marietta with her husband and fellow comedian Jarrod Harris. They will both perform with her friend, fellow comedian and radio personality Jeff Dauler, on Valentine’s Day 2020 at the Earl and Rachel Smith Strand on the Marietta Square. She and Harris also co-host the American Couple podcast.

“There’s still that really antiquated, sad sentence people throw around that women aren’t funny,” she explained. “You kind of have to fight a stereotype before you even get up on stage. Thankfully, I’ve got the skills to get past that, but you do have to win people over.”

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