This time of the year is probably the best time of the year. It’s when I get to spoil my mom and treat her to all the activities that I love to do — but that she happily goes along with because it’s my treat.

To date, we’ve been to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, tasted some interesting flavors at the World of Coke, been mesmerized by wildlife at the Georgia Aquarium, taken a trip to Greenville, S.C. for their arts festival and gotten our fix of culture at the High Museum of Art.

I try to hit all of the highlights for Mother’s Day and make the occasion truly special for her, and for me. The best part is that even though these excursions are things that are on my personal bucket list, they’re special for her because they’re also experiences that she hasn’t had either. And it’s great to see the enjoyment on her face as she’s experiencing all of this for the first time.

So it’s really like a two for one special for us. I’m stumped on what to do this year, however. It may involve revisiting one of the previous destinations. Only because neither of us has been back to visit since our initial one and it would be a treat to retrace our steps.

Whatever I choose, I know we’ll both enjoy it and the most important part will be getting to spend the day spoiling her.


In this issue, we highlight three local moms who are on their own journey of motherhood. They impart some of the wisdom they have and are continuing to learn and share that even when everything isn’t going smoothly, there’s much to be thankful for.

Ever heard of a musical called “Hamilton?” Sure you have. It’s playing in Atlanta this month and three Pebblebrook alums are part of the show. We have a quick Q&A with them about their careers and what they’re looking forward to.

Foodie alert: if you haven’t been to downtown Acworth, you should. There are plenty of things to do there, including stopping in for some tapas and cocktails at Brix on Main. And on a beautiful, sunny day make sure to take your plate on the back patio for some rays.

If you have a busy family that needs crafting and functional space, this home design will be for you. Get some pointers on how to store your must-haves, while also displaying a beautiful space in your home.

Plus, get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather and get those steps into too. We highlight five of Cobb’s nature trails and parks. Many include specific workout stations to give you a full-body workout.



LaTria Garnigan is the Magazine Coordinator for Cobb Life. She has more than 10 years of experience editing newspapers and magazines. When she's not working, she enjoys trying out new recipes, traveling and binge-watching and live-tweeting TV shows.

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