DreamWorks Animation’s “Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie” is geared toward kids, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout the film. That isn’t a stretch, as I’ve been a fan of cartoons/animated movies since I was young.

This tale involves best friends George and Harold, who through their collective vivid imaginations create a unique superhero — Captain Underpants. Not only are they best friends, but their skill-sets complement each other … George is a talented storyteller, while Harold is great at drawing.

In their comic world — of which they have volumes of issues — Captain Underpants can do wrong and is constantly saving the world from the bad guys. However, in their reality, they are constantly being called to Principal Knupp’s office on the basis of their never-ending pranks.

Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch bring these two jokesters’ voices to life and are a great duo for this animated film. Ed Helms voices Principal Knupp — who transforms into Captain Underpants — and is dynamic in the dual role. I didn’t realize it was his voice at first.

After raiding the principal’s office, finding some of their confiscated items and then getting caught — George and Harold set off on a path that set up the rest of the movie. Principal Knupp has had enough of their shenanigans and alerts the boys that they will be split up into different classrooms. Their fight or flight kicks in and George does the first thing that comes to his mind. He uses his old hypnotizing ring to convince the principal that he’s a superhero. What they didn’t count on was it actually working.

Once they realize how to turn him back and forth between the principal and Captain Underpants, you can guess the hilarity that ensues. But what they didn’t count on was an evil foe appearing into their lives, causing the need for Captain Underpants to defeat him. And just like in their comics, Captain Underpants steps up and helps defeat the enemy, with a little help from his sidekicks — George and Harold.

You really can’t go wrong with this film. It’s super cute, adorable and funny. Kids will love this movie, and it will be a great time for the family overall.


LaTria Garnigan is the Magazine Coordinator for Cobb Life. She has more than 10 years of experience editing newspapers and magazines. When she's not working, she enjoys trying out new recipes, traveling and binge-watching and live-tweeting TV shows.

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