Home improvement enthusiasts beyond Cobb County might recognize Marietta’s Joe Woody for his years spent on the HGTV shows “Curb Appeal” and “Elbow Room.” But anyone with a daunting home renovation project in the Marietta area knows Woody as the go-to guy to get the job done – and get it done with style and close attention to detail.

From historic renovations to modern updates, here are some of Woody’s favorite and most unique local projects he has worked on in his decades as Marietta’s reno man.

Scott and Marcy Griffin’s Wine Cellar

One of my favorite things to design and build is wine cellars. I've done a lot of them over the years, from modern design to Old World. This one was for Marietta residents Scott and Marcy Griffin. Scott wanted an Old World feel and we added some cool modern features to it. The end product came out even better than I had pictured it in my head.

The live edge walnut shelves are stunning and unique. The epoxy river counter top that waterfalls down to the floor is a work of art. The custom copper niches are used to display large-format bottles. Antique reclaimed timbers give it a real feel of a subterranean room.

I have had more people come up to me and tell me about seeing this place than I can count. It's my favorite of the Old World style projects that I've done to date.

Susan and Jim Schafer’s remodel of “The Alamo House” on Stewart Avenue in Marietta

I've done several projects for Susan and Jim over the years, the first of which was a very large addition to the home. There were quite a few challenges making it appear that we did not add anything to the home. It's one of my favorite projects I've ever done. The unique architectural details of the house and what we had to do to match everything was really a challenge.

According to Susan:

“Everyone always wonders about this house, and says it looks like the Alamo. I did too, before Jim and I bought it. The man who built it in 1929 was a farmer and owned land all the way to the elementary school. Joe built the addition with a guest suite on the bottom and master bedroom suite on top, as well as a new porch and turning our little alley kitchen into a bigger, nicer and more open one. Joe couldn’t find the exact bricks that were used on the original house so he had a guy come out and literally paint the bricks on the addition so that they looked exactly like the original bricks. One of the subcontractors he used for the kitchen suggested we put more drawers in than cabinets, because you can pull drawers out and get what you need but everything’s so hard to reach in the back of cabinets. That’s one of the best decisions we made – I love it.”

Doug and Pam Elleby’s Kitchen Remodel

I have been working with the Elleby's on multiple projects for the past 25 years, including two basements (bars, wine cellars and theater rooms), master bathrooms, a large Mediterranean custom home, outdoor living spaces, an added elevator and other miscellaneous projects.

Doug took a chance on me as a 25-year-old general contractor to design and complete an Art Deco bar at his home in the Marietta Country Club. I've worked for him ever since.

This kitchen remodel is one of the many I've done for them. Doug and Pam trust me to give design direction and that is one of the favorite parts of my job. But Doug did get a gold star on this one - he selected the granite and it's incredible.

Bob and Beverly Sidewater’s penthouse condominium renovation

I worked with a fantastic designer, Bo Waddell, on this project. We took it from a shell through completion. The inspiration for the entire space was for two chairs pictured in front of the fireplace. Bob had found those pictures and challenged Bo to design an entire home from them.

As you can see, the design is very contemporary. All of the cabinetry is German and all the furniture pieces are custom made.

Bob and Beverly were wonderful to work for. He gave me a bottle of 1968 Chateu Lafite-Rothschild when we finished. That's the year I was born. They also were gracious enough to have a dinner party for all involved with the project.

Woody and Geri Hinkle’s kitchen and great room remodel

The antique timbers came out of a cotton mill in Rome, Georgia. The three-inch heart pine island countertop also was reclaimed from the same mill. It was used as flooring.

Woody was skeptical of the beams' massive size when they arrived – first, that they would just look too big and, second, “How would they stay up there!?”

I assured him they would be the proper size being that they were being installed and installed into a 22-foot-high gabled ceiling. I further assured him they couldn't come down once they were up, explaining how we would pocket cut the beams to lock them in place!

This traditional kitchen and living room came out gorgeous. The timeless details in the kitchen and the reclaimed timbers won't fall out of fashion. Woody still sends me a text from time to time, raving about how much he loves the room.


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