Hundreds of readers submitted their furriest of family members for this year’s cover contest, The Veterinary Clinic’s Cobb’s Cutest Pets Contest. After 4,000 votes, one winner took the canine crown: a cute little chocolate Schnauzer named Penny, who was perched happily in a bicycle basket for her winning photo. Her cover girl shot clearly had to include her favorite photo prop, but sweet Penny put her modeling skills to work for a full day of photo fun.

Here’s a little more about Penny from her guardian, Janelle Arnett:

How did you and randy come to be Penny’s guardians?

I was looking for a companion for my Mini White Schnauzer, Finn. Schnauzer lovers had told me that Schnauzers especially love the companionship of another Schnauzer. My husband wasn’t quite on board with the idea, but when my breeder, Corrow Schnauzers, showed me a picture of this day-old female Mini Chocolate Schnauzer, born Feb.6, 2019, I knew she would be the perfect fit for our family. We brought her home for Finn’s first birthday, March 31. After a little adjusting to having to share his toys, they’ve been best friends. By the way, my husband loves her and we couldn’t imagine life without both Finn and Penny.

What is Penny’s personality like?

Penny is lovable, always ready for an adventure and loves to snuggle. She is easy to train, enjoys daily walks with her brother and LOVES to eat. In fact, she’ll eat Finn’s food too, if he doesn’t watch out. Penny is always keeping Finn on his toes, chasing him and trying to beat him in a game of catch.

What do you love most about her?

The thing I love most about Penny is her cute expression on her face when she looks at you and turns her head as if she is really trying to understand what you are saying. She is a great companion on my bicycle rides. She’ll just sit in the basket and watch the world go by. She is also a lot of fun dressing up in beautiful accessories. Why go plain when you can have tasteful bling?! She always gets lots of compliments. I have discovered I love coming up with dog photo ideas and Penny is the perfect model. Both Penny and Finn have accomplished the most by keeping me happy and never lonely, now that my children are grown.

Full name: Penny Rose Arnett

Age: 8 months old

Breed: Chocolate Miniature

Schnauzer (AKC Registered)

Guardians: Janelle and Randy Arnett

Hometown: Kennesaw


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