Marriage is a beautiful union to enter into. But just like any thing else in life, it takes work and sufficient preparation. And one way to armor yourself and your future spouse is to take part in premarital counseling.

It can help to go through all of the things you may face as a married couple with a professional.

Mayi Dixon, owner and psychotherapist at Innovative Counseling Solutions & PreMarital Bliss, LLC, shares a few tips that engaged couples should keep on the forefront.

Just as you take the time to plan out minute details of your big day, make sure to take just as much time to pour into your enhanced relationship.

How can brides/couples take steps to handle stress leading up to the wedding?

Couples should plan ahead, delegate duties, and remember that they are in charge of the wedding. Most conflict arises when there are too many “cooks in the kitchen” meaning, that the bride and groom are in charge, not mommy and daddy. This should be a joyous time not agony.

“Design your wedding day. This is not your parents wedding day.”

A marriage is a life-changing event — what are some tips to mentally handle this new transition?

I believe that every couple should have three to six months of premarital counseling. I would really love for couples to complete counseling before they are engaged. It’s all about planning and changing the mindset from ME to US. This is accomplished through premarital counseling.

In your counseling sessions with couples (engaged, newlyweds or already married), what do you stress as being an important aspect of the union?

The most important aspect for couples in counseling is to design their marriage. Couples cannot completely focus on the wedding day. This day will come and go in a blink of an eye, and then the difficult work starts to happen. Couples must focus on what marriage will mean to them, identifying important roles and learning to be a union and not a selfish individual.

What are some ways that brides and grooms can help each other and encourage each other through the wedding planning process?

Couples can help each other by maintaining clear boundaries with others. When couples allow too many people into their relationship, then conflict happens, especially when planning a wedding. Many people will want to offer unsolicited advice. Couples should refrain from soliciting advice from a large number of people. Couples must be understanding and supportive to their partners needs, emotions and capabilities.

What is the importance of engaged couples seeking some counseling during the wedding planning process?

Couples can learn communication and conflict resolution skills while planning a wedding. This is the perfect opportunity for couples to navigate a real life stressful situation and learn to work together and not tear each other down.


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