It is my belief that to be creative, one has to first create the space in which to do it. And to say that Jenna Griffin is an artistic being is an understatement. Just a quick glance at her website, Gold & Bloom, and you will agree that she has the magic touch.

Written by LaTria Garnigan // Photography by Erin Gray Cantrell

Jenna, a Cobb elementary school teacher by day and blooming florist by night, has been operating under the Gold & Bloom moniker for a few years now and has been making a splash all over metro Atlanta and beyond.

But until this past summer, there was something missing: her creative space. Operating out of your home can be a bit hectic, but the right space with enough elbow room makes all the difference. And just when Jenna and her husband, Lamar, had begun the daunting task of remodeling their garage, an opportunity came their way that they couldn’t resist.


Still new to the floral business, Jenna received an email from a casting company looking for someone following their dreams who needed a space in their home to work from.

“And I thought, ‘Perfect!’ because we were about to start doing it ourselves. I thought it (the email) might not be real, but said ‘Let me respond’.”

That decision paid off. Jenna received a garage makeover courtesy of HGTV and American Family Insurance. At the end of May, a 30-person crew came and redesigned her space as well as filmed a short interview for both websites.

It only lasted a day, but what a difference a day makes. The design was headed up by Leigh Ann Reagan-Barnes, who has experience in designing television and film sets, as well as art direction.

Not only does Jenna now have space to display and work on projects, but also to meet with clients, allowing them to see a few examples, while having a comfortable place to sit and iron out details of their big day.


When she noticed her creative spirit was beginning to fade, Jenna knew there was a need to harness that energy and have it cultivate.

“I’m really creative and I just wanted to be inspired and I made a list of things I might want to do instead of being in the classroom and flowers was on that list, even though I knew nothing about it.”

With little to no knowledge, Jenna decided to put 100 percent into learning about flowers and entrepreneurship. In 2014 she put together her first styled shoot and that catapulted her work on Instagram and her website.  

Everything is still a learning process and there has been a learning curve in terms of setting up a business and navigating the floral scene.

“I had to research and ask other designers that I knew. A lot of them were really nice and told me to start out by playing with flowers — you just have to get your hands on flowers.”

As far as the business went, that took a lot of research as well as contacting the state.

“It’s a little complicated, and a lot of it is risk taking … but the end result is worth it.”


Now that she is officially an LLC, Jenna can focus on what she truly loves: helping couples experience the perfect wedding day, courtesy of her floral arrangements. Not only is Jenna growing her business this year by going full-time after the school year ends this summer, but she is also expecting her first child.

“I want to be able to work from home and have my kids here,” she said.

With weddings as her main focus, Jenna is looking forward to traveling more, as well as continuing to learn more about design and gaining more professional development.

Gold and Bloom | | Instagram: @goldandbloom | 404-374-5638

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