For 38 years, Eddie’s Trick Shop has been helping kids and kids-at-heart play pretend with its rows and rows of costumes, wigs, masks, magic tricks and more.

By Katy Ruth Camp // Photography by Kathryn Ingall

The famous novelty shop opened on the Marietta Square in 1978 when Bob McKinnon and his son, Frank, opened a small magic shop where the Australian Bakery operates today.

The shop moved two more times on the Square until it found its current home 24 years ago, between its original space and Taqueria Tsunami.

Today, the small magic shop now spans a full block in length and sells more than 5,000 products, including makeup, costumes, costume accessories, novelties, pranks, magic tricks and unique gifts.

General Manager Sue Puschak has helmed the day-to-day operations for 24 years and has seen many changes in the store and its products over the years.

“Every day is different; it’s never the same, and I love that about it,” Puschak said. “We have a great staff that is interested in the products we sell so they can answer almost any questions our customers might have. What we sell are not things you see everywhere. There’s something that draws the kids in and the adults.”

Puschak said dressing in costume for events such as DragonCon and Halloween has become much more popular with adults than it was when she first started, so they have shifted much of their costuming to suit kids and adults alike. She has also seen an increase in recent years in costume makeup sales, especially with the recent boom of the film industry in Georgia.

DragonCon, which takes place the first weekend in September in Atlanta each year, kicks off the shop’s busy season, which lasts into November, Puschak said.

In fact, she said 65 percent of the store’s annual revenue comes from sales made in August through November, although they do see some increases in December with Christmas costumes and more around Easter when church groups rent or purchase costumes for Passion Plays.

Puschak predicts this Halloween will play host to many Ryan Lochte’s, Harley Quinns, Princes and major political figures such as Donald Trump and the Clintons.

But don’t be tricked into following the trends.

“If you want to dress as it,” she said, “we probably have it.” 


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