It’s not always easily perceptible genetic traits (like eye color, height or shoe size) that run strongest in a family. Sometimes, the things that course through someone’s veins like a life-force are a bit more intangible — the passions, talents and perspectives that make a person uniquely their own.

For Kennesaw’s Mi-Kin Creations’ founder, Greg Michael, it was these discarnate characteristics that took him from the life of a Dun & Bradstreet regional sales director to the helm of his own design-build firm creating fine furniture and cabinetry for residential, commercial and retail display.

“I come from a woodworking family,” Michael said. “My father was drafted into the Army during World War II, and when he came out he started a home improvement company. My oldest brother was 18 when I was born. After art school, he started a high-end custom cabinet shop. I grew up in that environment and decided it wasn’t for me.” 

It wasn’t until Michael and his wife, Toni, set out to build their dream home in 1996 that Michael first kindled his love of carpentry.

“I told Toni if she’d let me buy some woodworking tools I could save us some money,” Michael said. “We finished the whole interior ourselves, and I realized I had an affinity for it.”

By 2001, Mi-Kin Creations had become a full-time job, and they incorporated in 2005, borrowing some capital to build a shop on their large swath of land. Despite the banking crisis around the same time, the shop stayed busy and almost immediately ended up growing bigger than the existing space could hold.

“In 2013, we took another leap of faith and moved from our 3,000-square-foot barn to 11,200-square feet here and invested in some robotic equipment to increase capacity,” Michael said. “We’ve doubled in size almost every year. We’ve gone from me in the basement to 21 employees.”

Through all the growth and change, some things have remained the same— high quality design-build services and attentive customer service provided by a family-run outfit. Mi-Kin Creations has been awarded Best of Houzz three years running in customer service and has worked with a wide array of renowned designers and architectural firms, as well as major companies on everything from custom built-ins and large remodels to on-site signage and furniture. They recently brought on Kimball Daniels, making Mi-Kin Creations a fully turnkey general contracting firm.

Let Michael and the team at Mi-Kin Creations help bring your idea to life!

Photography submitted by Cory Locatelli Photography


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