It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas across Cobb County but, as we hang the stockings, roast the chestnuts and trim the trees in our own homes, it may be time for a holiday decor update.

By Meredith Pruden // Photography by Erin Gray Cantrell

Perhaps the easiest way to enhance your Yuletide living space is to coordinate the annual Christmas tree with your existing interior design.

Whether your home is traditional, transitional or utterly modern, there’s a themed holiday tree that’s just perfect for your individual style.

We asked three local interior designers for their take on themed Christmas trees, and they’ve delivered looks that will have you basking in the glow of festive holiday string lights, humming along to Bing Crosby and sipping hot chocolate (or a hot toddy) faster than you can say, “Old Saint Nick.”


Interior decorator Keela Richard of Kay’s Decor & Interiors created a modern holiday design inspired by an oversized mirror recently added to her dining room.

“I initially had the room designed with silvers, glass and the large mirror,” she said. “So, I played off that with sparkly bulbs, shiny ribbons, and crystal chandeliers and ornaments. I used white, silver and sea foam green to keep it modern and clean.”

Richard’s dining room is a perfect example of how easy it can be (with some professional assistance) to transform a more traditional room into something crisp and contemporary rather than being locked into inherited pieces.

“This was actually a traditional room with furniture my parents gave me, but I bought the mirror and replaced the chairs. These purchases inspired the glitz and glam design.”

Richard, her husband Julian and sons, Jordan (16) and Justin (10), live near the Kennesaw line in Marietta. She is a full-service interior decorator who enjoys blending traditional pieces with more modern, stylish ones to create unique and personalized styles.

Known for designing the holiday trees of local restaurants like Caper’s on Main and Fish Thyme in Acworth, she especially loves embracing the spirit of the season to bring a bit of Christmas joy to her clients.

Friend and client Rita Ambrose said, “She has an effervescent personality and wows us every year with her different holiday trees.”

Essential Elements >> Silver modern lodge inspired deer heads, mercury glass and glass vases and accessories, sequin and other sparkly silver and white ball ornaments, shiny silver and white ribbons, mirrored and reflective surfaces, winter white greenery. Warm it up with greenery sprays and cozy textiles like faux fur. 


If the great outdoors is calling and a winter wonderland aesthetic seems appealing, you’ll love this tree that looks almost as though you’ve happened upon it in a snow-covered wood. You’ll also be pleased to know that naturally-inspired decor is all the rage this holiday season, so your most difficult job may just be to choose from the plentiful Christmas decor options available out there.

From lighter textiles like linen, to light colors and wood stains, the organic craze certainly has found its way from farm-to-table food into home decor. This wintery Christmas tree by the interior design team at Marietta’s Julep’s Home Decor, off Kennesaw Due West Road, exemplifies this transitional trend.

Interior designers Robert Hollida and Sumaya Maghariaf of Julep’s lovingly crafted this winter wonderland themed tree to brighten up darker spaces, create depth in a room and supply some much needed contrast to the darker hardwood floors that were en vogue not all that long ago. The contrast of natural elements with hot metallics makes this look a great fit for almost any home.

“This is a green tree (underneath),” Julep’s owner Maghariaf said. “by the time we’re done with it, we can make it look any way and also make arrangements to coordinate with a tree. We know our clients and what they use, so when we go to market each January, we’re already coordinating for you.”

Essential Elements >> Glittery pine cones, wooden snowflakes, fluffy birds and owls, gold and bronze ball ornaments, birch bark ball ornaments, gold ribbon, glittery gold magnolia leaves, winter white sprayed greenery and sprays of faux cotton branches.  


Have a little birdhouse in your soul? This rustic lodge tree, designed with birdhouses in a more traditional red and green color palette, will set your spirit ablaze.

“People are going more casual and rustic,” Julep’s Maghariaf said. “I see this in a lake house or on an outdoor porch, but it would also work with some (everyday) interiors.”

Part of the Julep’s holiday design process is taking old things and making them work rather than throwing them away.

“We look at your interior and stick with the color palette of the room,” Maghariaf said. “But, we want it to pop more so the tree stands out while still looking cohesive.”

In that vein, Hollida and Maghariaf wouldn’t necessarily recommend this bountiful birdhouse tree in a formal living room because it would look out of place. They liken it to picking out the jewelry and shoes to go with your outfit.

“You can get away (with mismatching) your wardrobe because you wear it for a day, but the tree stays up for a month or more,” Maghariaf said.

If you’re married to the traditional colors of Christmas and have heirloom ornaments you just can’t live without, this look is something you can live with for years to come. Plus, if you opt for a faux tree, the Juleps team can have the whole thing shrink wrapped.

“What makes a tree precious is when it looks fresh,” Maghariaf said. “When we shrink wrap and fluff, our clients don’t have to pay labor costs year after year.”

Essential Elements >> Birdhouses, birdhouses, birdhouses (in varying colors and materials), rustic jingle bells, holly bush sprays, classic metal lanterns, glittery poinsettia flowers, cotton balls, natural textile ribbons (like linen or jute) with some added sparkle and classically-inspired ornaments. The interior designers featured can help you select Christmas tree ornaments and accessories, or design and install the entire tree for you. Why not spend your time with family and friends enjoying the season, and let the pros at Kay’s Decor & Interiors or Julep’s Home Decor handle the heavy lifting for you?

By the way…

Have heirloom ornaments you just can’t part with or feel guilty about leaving in the box? They don’t have to go on the tree, according to Maghariaf. She suggests finding alternative homes for them to spread some holiday cheer throughout your living space. Kitchens, bathrooms and basements are great places to start and often could use that pop of color anyway.


Kay’s Decor & Interiors

(678) 520-8589

Julep’s Home Decor

3894 Due West Road,

#245, Marietta

(770) 422-7500


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