You know how you hear people on the radio or follow them on social media and think, ‘It would be so cool to have a conversation with them.’ That was exactly my experience before meeting Jeff and Callie Dauler — who turned out to be the amazing people I imagined they would be.

Jeff is one half of “The Jeff and Jenn Show” on Star 94 and Callie is the right hand/executive assistant to HLN’s Robin Meade. Both are in the broadcast industry and pretty well known around Atlanta and to their adoring social media fans.

So it was a special treat when I emailed on a whim for an interview and it was returned with a ‘Yes.’


DAULER 01.jpg

Married since Oct. 22, 2016 (Happy early Anniversary!) Jeff and Callie were the second people — only to the developer — to move into The Battery Atlanta with SunTrust Park as their backyard. With Star 94’s offices/studio located in Cobb County, Jeff and Callie wanted to be a bit closer than their Sandy Springs home and searched for something new.

“We wanted to get out of the townhouse we were renting, but we didn’t know where we wanted to buy yet so this was perfect,” said Jeff.

Besides being close to work for Jeff — and not too far of a drive for Callie to Turner — living in The Battery has plenty of advantages. Perhaps the biggest of them all is access to the Braves. Callie explained that one day on a whim, they decided to find cheap tickets, watched about three innings of a game and then walked back home.

“You couldn’t have done that at Turner Field.”

SunTrust Park and The Battery are essentially re-training Braves fans who aren’t used to dining, shopping and hanging out before or after a game. And the bonus is that everything (except the ballpark itself) is open on days when there are no games, and folks are starting to trickle in more and more.

On any particular afternoon or early evening, you might find the couple strolling through The Battery walking their dogs Lily and Sadie, eating at one of their favorite spots, Antico Pizza, or any of the new and upcoming restaurants in The Battery.


Merging the styles of two people is never an easy task — unless you’re the Daulers. This being their first place together, Callie took the time to bring together things they love most along with some input from friends.

The neutral palette of the space lends to lots of room to play with color and design, but the Daulers kept it light, lending to a very bright, open and inviting space prime to relax in. It’s truly a home. There are little bits of their own personality throughout the space including their gratitude journal — which is very important to the couple as a daily reminder to jot down ways they’re grateful.

In the closet is the jersey Jeff wore when he hosted the in-show for the Braves from 2005-07. And throughout the home are little monogrammed pieces and photos of their union to add to the ambiance.


If you’ve listened to Jeff on the radio or followed Callie on her Instagram stories, then you know the couple loves to laugh and inspire. One of their main goals is to bring happiness to people — follow Callie’s mantra #goodvibetribe for a dose of positivity.

It was heartwarming to hear them speak on their lives and careers and see the positivity beaming from them. It’s a refreshing moment to be able to tune into someone and know that you won’t be met with negative thought after negative thought — instead you’ll hopefully receive a dose of good news that will make your day brighter and in turn have you paying it forward.

That’s the message these two want to impart on their listeners and fans.

“I put my whole life on Instagram stories. It’s been fun and it’s my way to connect to the people who listen to the (Jeff’s) show every day and put a roof over our heads,” said Callie.

But it’s not just drivel. Callie has a mission and has found a purpose in her daily logs on Instagram. She’s taken on the positivity she’s gleaned from Jeff and Jenn and her boss Robin and decided to manifest that into a mantra and a way of life.

She recently launched her website — — as the vehicle for this movement. It will house all of what she shares on Instagram as well as curated content focusing on good energy, motivational posts and cool products that she’s found and wants to share with her audience.

“Jeff and Jenn, their purpose was to make people feel good. And they believe you can start a ripple effect by your attitude and your actions. So if you start your morning making people feel good, that’s gonna be a ripple effect throughout the city. And I want to perpetuate that and share things I’ve learned and experienced.”

At the end of the day when all of the celebrity and notoriety is washed off, Jeff and Callie mostly live by the mantra — “what you put out there comes back to you” — and strive to impart this on a daily basis. With a kindhearted and down-home nature, Jeff and Callie are just your average Cobb neighbor, so say hello next time you see them strolling through The Battery.

Photography by Kelly J. Huff


LaTria Garnigan is the Magazine Coordinator for Cobb Life. She has more than 10 years of experience editing newspapers and magazines. When she's not working, she enjoys trying out new recipes, traveling and binge-watching and live-tweeting TV shows.

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