In 2009, as Tiffany Hendryx searched for the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood at the perfect price, she drove by what she calls, “a flesh-colored airplane hangar,” several times before looking inside.

“I was having a tough time finding exactly what I was looking for,” Tiffany remembers. “The outside wasn’t my preference, but the inside was absolutely lovely. I could tell it had good bones; it was livable and functional. Updating was simply a matter of style, I could see great potential.”

Tiffany sent a picture of the outside of the house to an architect friend asking what he envisioned. To her surprise, he sent back a beautiful sketch with massive windows and an open floor plan. So, now with the spark of hope, the excitement of potential, and the confidence of location and price, Tiffany took a leap of faith and began her home remodel journey.

It wasn’t a quick process, however, as Tiffany lived in the house for five years before beginning the remodel. During that time, she began dating and ultimately married, Marietta native, Jess Taylor, who shared her passion to remodel.

Tiffany and Jess spent months combing through magazines and frequenting home tours for inspiration and ideas to create their “forever style.”

“The house was functional but very closed off,” she says. “We really wanted to open the floor plan, get rid of the beige walls, and make it more modern. Our goal was to bring out the best in the house; to make it its highest self.”

Once they agreed on a style, the couple worked with structural engineers and an architect to bring the remodel to life in the fall of 2014.

Inspired by California mid-century modern ranch homes, Tiffany and Jeff selected kitchen cabinets from Ikea with custom doors from California and adorned spaces with modern light fixtures. Tiffany’s favorite part of the renovation may be their boldest decision — painting the outside of the fireplace orange.

“Painting the fireplace makes it look like a sculpture,” Tiffany says. “Orange is such a vibrant, happy color and seems to really bring the house to life.”

The couple advises keeping an open mind throughout the process.

“The architect suggested flipping the kitchen and dining room which I thought would be difficult,” Jess says. “It wasn’t nearly the hassle we thought it would be and now the kitchen is so open to everything; it’s become my favorite part.”

Tiffany adds, “Letting go opens opportunity, so be open to ideas that pop up once the process has started.” After eight months of construction (three of which were spent in the basement with three kids and a new puppy during the kitchen remodel) the bulk of the renovations were complete.

“We’ve been astonished at the number of people who stop by to let us know how amazed they are with the transformation of the house and how great they think it looks,” Tiffany says.

Though it had its difficult times, the couple says the accomplishment of bringing their vision to life is extremely satisfying.

They offer this advice for future home remodelers: “Be brave; look for what inspires you and assume it can happen until someone tells you otherwise.”

Photography by Erin Gray Cantrell 


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