1. Classic floral accents are finding their way back into any and all decor. A welcomed and beautiful accent to any room, lush florals are appearing in dramatic wallpapers, pillows and especially in art. Flowers and plants have always been used to bring in a touch of nature and create a mood. Everyone enjoys a classic vase of peonies or a shades of green succulent bowl - even a beautiful floral tapestry can relax anyone.

2. Black is back. Black painted wood tables from cocktail to dining are making a bold statement again. Black metal with glass is also a welcomed classic and is so simple to achieve. Antique tables are easy to come by and painting them brings them up-to-date along with the effect of adding a touch of personality to a room. Painted, older pieces or reproductions seem to add a little soul to a space.

3. Curved furniture is a beautiful way to soften any interior. When it comes to upholstery, chairs with curved backs serve up a more relaxed feeling. Even some of the more modern styles of seating are now reflecting curves. Neutral tones of textured fabrics are being implemented with these curved styles. Fabrics that reflect texture like tweed, velvet and boucle’ (faux fur) introduce coziness and comfort.

4. Trims and fringes have returned. I'm very pleased to see accent fringe added to pillows, tassel fringe added to stools and fringe tapes accenting cocktail ottomans and pillows. It is such a fun way of introducing your own personal style to a piece. It can add texture along with color.

5. Subtle and classic tones of taupe and moody color palettes are adding coziness back to living spaces, like rich, dark taupe or charcoal on the walls with neutral upholstery or vice versa. Keep in mind that there are colors that are trending now like Living Coral, Deep Raspberry and Organic Green. These colors that are on trend now should be used in moderation as an accent. Ceramic vases, pillows, candles, lamps, etc. are an easy way to get that trendy splash of color into your decor. This also makes it easy to replace when they are no longer the popular accent color.


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