Six years ago, stay-at-home mom and Marietta High School alumni, Catherine Sanders, discovered a business opportunity after having no luck searching for an etiquette program for her daughter.

In 2012, with the support of her husband and three children, Sanders opened The Social Class to provide engaging lessons on character, confidence, manners, and dance to middle school students across Cobb County.

Sanders says, “I want to offer a business where students leave each class feeling more confident about who they are and the decisions they make, even when no one’s looking.”

TSC partners with Traton Homes, who provides the meeting space, to host 12 events for over 300 6-8th grade students. Enrollment begins in March and classes, which run from September to April, sell out in minutes.

Classes promote “modern manners for future success” where teens learn to negotiate social media; lead conversation; dating etiquette; dance; interviewing skills; how to RSVP and write thank you notes; and how to set goals in a fun, encouraging environment. Each year, Sanders hires a team of 25 high school students, and TSC graduates, to lead small groups in games, skits, and discussions.

Current and former clients can’t seem to get enough.

Christie Hodges, whose son, Davis, has attended for 3 years says, “In this day and age, manners seem to be a lost art. I welcome the opportunity for someone like Catherine to reinforce proper manners and etiquette to our 13 year old son. Catherine does a fabulous job helping the kids bridge the gap between what they are learning at home and what they are missing in this new digital age. The remarkable thing is that she continues to make it interesting enough that my 13-year-old son welcomes the opportunity to go to social class and has actually skipped attending a college football game to attend TSC.”

Another client, Julie Austin, adds, “My now 9th grader went all three years and now my seventh grader is in her second year. I tell Catherine all the time she’s got to keep this up and running for a long while because I have a second grader too! My girls are learning/have learned true manners and have had a great time along the way. One of their favorite parts of TSC is getting to know so many other kids their age in our fabulous community. Kudos to my dear friend Catherine Sanders for bringing this to West Cobb/Marietta. It’s a gift and so is she!”


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