Oysters and more oysters! Brookhaven has inherited a legacy in Tin Can Oyster Bar, located in the ever popular Town Brookhaven plaza.

Words & photography by LaTria Garnigan

The more intimate offshoot of Sandy Springs’ Tin Can Fish House and cousin property to Teela Taqueria, the oyster bar excels in what it does best and that’s oysters and seafood in general. Owned by Nik Panagopoulos and his sister Artie Antoniades, the tapas-style eatery is the perfect place for an intimate dinner for two or a small group of friends.

But enough about that, let’s dig in!

As part of a media dinner I was fortunate enough to sample some of the best of the menu, and I’ll just say absolutely NOTHING disappointed! If you’re a fan of seafood in general, you will love the oyster bar. 

We, of course, started with raw oysters, which still gives me a bit of reserve in eating, yet I have to have them any time they’re presented to me. Next were the baked oysters. And to my delight they were cooked in garlic jalapeno butter topped with parmesan cheese.

Is this not standard? Because it should be.

But the next tasting … the rockerfella oysters was the icing on the oyster cake. They were topped with cream of spinach, garlic sauce and bread crumbs — still the best thing I’ve eaten to date.

I was so satisfied with the oyster selection that I wondered if it could get any better. Spoiler alert: duh!

As part of the small plate atmosphere we sampled a few of the toasties. I’d like to add, they use H&F bread and if you’ve ever had it, I’m sure you already know how amazing anything made with it tastes. The toasties we had were the smoked salmon on tzatziki dill spread with shaved red onions and diced ahi tuna tartar with red onions and avocado in an olive oil vinaigrette. I was excited to finally get my taste buds on some tuna tartar and I can say I’m now a believer.

To go along with the H&F theme, we tasted the bang bang lobster rolls that we collectively raved about and kept discussing even after the last crumb was gone. It’s at the top of my list for when I return, and I highly encourage you to try it.

After all of this, I was stuffed.

I was just waiting on the magic fairy to roll me into my car and drive me home.

But then they uttered those magic words, ‘who’s ready for dessert?’ And, of course, I had to oblige. Being that I gravitate towards anything chocolate on the menu, I naturally chose the chocolate layer cakewhich can easily be shared by two — and it was the perfect ending to a great dinner.

Venture on over to Brookhaven one evening or on a weekend and experience it for yourself. Tell them I sent you!

Tin Can Oyster Bar | 705 Town Blvd., #320, Brookhaven | (404) 228-2806 | www.tincanbrookhaven.com

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