When I was presented with the opportunity to dine with Malika Bowling and a few other Atlanta food bloggers at the new Dunwoody location of Fogo de Chao, I couldn’t resist.

By LaTria Garnigan // Photography by LaTria Garnigan and Fogo de Chao (M-Squared PR)

Having heard nothing but good things of the Brazilian steakhouse’s Buckhead location for years, I was more than eager to try it out. And let’s just say, it was everything I thought it would be and more.

When they said to come with an empty stomach, they were not kidding. The market table (think fancy, chic salad bar) alone features all of the charcuterie staples, along with vegetables and salads. This, by itself, would be enough for a light meal.

But of course, the real reason any and every one visits is the vast selection of carved meat, of which there is no shortage.

The best part of dining at Fogo de Chao is not just the variety of items on the bar, but it’s the moment you get back to your table and turn your card over to show the green side. That means its go time!

All throughout the restaurant, in a dizzying speed, servers are circulating with cuts of beef, pork, sausage, lamb and chicken ready to carve and place on your plate. And as long as your card is flipped showing the green side, they’ll keep coming. When you’re either too full to continue, or just need a bit of a break to enjoy what you already have, flip your card to the red side and they’ll know to skip your seat. 

It’s a great concept that gives you a chance to sample all kinds of meat (the lamb was my absolute favorite), or to continue requesting your favorite. This isn’t the only way to dine at Fogo de Chao, there are also items you can order from a menu and a great selection of wine to pair with your dishes.

But pace yourself, because there’s always dessert. Now because I was a bit excited to be there, I didn’t pace myself as I should have, so by the time dessert came around I was ready to be rolled out to my car. But, I just had to at least try something. 

The desserts are just as spectacular as the main courses and they don’t skimp on the size either! There was an array of selections on the table including the New York-style cheesecake, crème brulee and my order of the strawberry cream — fresh strawberries blended into strawberry ice cream topped with crème de cassis. Perfect for a strawberry lover like myself. It was delicious!

Not to be outdone by the food, the service was spectacular and the ambiance was beautiful and inviting. While I don’t have a reference to compare to its Buckhead predecessor, the décor and construction was very modern and easily accommodates a party of two or a large group.  

So if you’re looking to take on the full churrasco experience, somewhere to dine with friends or a new date night spot, it’s worth a visit. Just remember to pace yourself!

Fogo de Chao – Dunwoody | 4671 Ashford Dunwoody Road | 678-691-7268 | fogodechao.com/location/dunwoody

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