Move over, three-tiered vanilla cake. Mini is the word for modern weddings and Miss Mamie’s on the Marietta Square is happy to oblige.

“Things have changed quite a bit since we opened in 2009,” Mamie Doyle, owner and head baker of Miss Mamie’s, said. “The boundaries of a wedding are not as tight as they used to be and what used to be avant-garde is now on-trend and increasingly requested.”

One of those once-passé trends is having a tower of cupcakes instead of a traditional cake with its many tiers and layers. Doyle said she and her shop are making more and more desserts and delicacies in miniature portions for guests while sometimes still providing a small “cutting cake” for the bride and groom to continue the tradition of cutting the cake together.

Doyle said this allows for the bride and groom to provide multiple flavors in smaller portions so that more guests can have desserts to their liking. Money is also a factor, as other alternatives mean the newlyweds can avoid paying the “cutting fees” for wedding cakes, which can run as high as $5 per slice.

“People get more of a variety with the mini desserts, and we’ve done all kinds of desserts for that, like mini cupcakes, cookies, cheesecakes and tarts. It’s nice because not everyone likes the same thing. And because the portions are smaller, they can try more than one flavor without eating too much,” Doyle said.

Doyle said many brides also provide their own cake plates and stands for the desserts, especially if they have sentimental value. But that’s about as far as tradition goes when it comes to wedding desserts.

“Our most popular flavor right now for cakes is the Guinness and chocolate-flavored cake with cream cheese and salted caramel, but that may be because it’s what won on ‘Cake Hunters,’” Doyle said, referring to her and her team’s big win in June 2016 on the Cooking Channel’s popular show, “Cake Hunters.”

The wedding cake was catered to fit the bride’s glitzy taste in décor and the groom’s desire for an infusion of masculinity and even featured a secret compartment containing beer cans ready for drinking. The episode, “Tiers of Beers,” can still be viewed on

This was not Miss Mamie’s first brush with fame, however, as she won Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” show in 2012.

The craziest cake so far, though?

“We made a cake in the shape and look of the Stanley Cup trophy that stood up and it was definitely challenging,” Doyle said, with a laugh. “Today, there is so much engineering that goes into making cakes because people have more and more creative requests. You can be great at decorating a cake, but you have to make sure it holds up.”


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