Nellie is one of our top 10 vote-getters in this year's The Veterinary Clinic's Cobb's Cutest Pets Contest. Be sure to look for Nellie in the November issue of Cobb Life Magazine!

You voted, we tallied and there was a whole lotta cuteness sent our way for The Veterinary Clinic's Cobb's Cutest Pets Contest! Our cover winner will be revealed when the pets issue of Cobb Life comes out on Sunday, Oct. 27 but follow along over the next 10 days as we reveal the other top 10 cuties that made the cut, in no particular order. 

We're paw-sitively excited to reveal the first of our top 10 winners: Nellie!

Be sure to look for Nellie in the November issue of Cobb Life Magazine.

A bit about Nellie from her guardian, Kallie Corbin:


Pyredoodle (Great Pyrenees and Standard Poodle)

1 year old

Guardian: Kallie Corbin

Hometown: Marietta

I have epilepsy and I am studying to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. I chose a very vitalistic approach to “treating” epilepsy; chiropractic with no medications. One other decision I made was to get a service dog! Nellie and I met on a llama farm and since then we have never left each other’s side. Nellie attends class with me and has become everyone’s favorite four-legged student. When I graduate, Nellie will be joining me on stage and earning her honorary "Dog-torate.” She watches over me every day and I couldn’t ask for a better side kick!


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