Did you hear? There’s a new speakeasy in town. Don’t worry, though, ol’ chum. There’s no password required here!

The Third Door, which opens on Aug. 14, is the manifestation of Ted and Lara Ferreira’s dream to own a cocktail lounge that combines their love of art, spirits, music and comradery. Though the inside of the space has seen a total transformation, the outside will be familiar to many in Marietta and beyond as it last held the headquarters and loading area for the Marietta Trolley Company. Those wishing to enter just simply come in through the back hidden door, between the space at 131 Church Street in Marietta, just off the Marietta Square, and The Brickyard Marietta event space behind it.

“We just loved this idea of a speakeasy,” Lara said of the entrepreneurial husband-and-wife team. “It has a hidden life behind doors, so even though everyone is welcome, it’s designed to be reminiscent of a speakeasy.“

everyone is welcome, it’s designed to be reminiscent of a speakeasy. Um, so, so we created an event space with that in mind. We’ve lived here for 19 years and we love old things. We love vintage things. We love refurbishing together.”

“She left out the part where we like to eat and drink,” Ted said, with a laugh.

The couple said they have lived in Marietta for 19 years, although they also have a home on Frenchman Street in New Orleans, which inspired their concept and design for The Third Door. The space, in addition to being open for event rentals, will also feature live music, a host of other spirits, small plates and deserts.

“One of our most favorite places in New Orleans is exactly like that, small plates. And then you listen to music and if you want to just continue to order various small plates, you can do it while you listen to music. If you want to come after you’ve gone to dinner and you just want a place to have a really nice after-dinner drink, you can do that too,” Ted said.

“And one of our favorite spots in the world is the window seat in a little place on Frenchman Street. You know, just being able to sit and watch traffic while enjoying a cocktail and the people with you. So with the patio here, especially, that’s what we’ll be able to do,” Lara added.

The couple is no stranger to new adventures. Lara said they have renovated four houses in downtown Marietta, one of which has been on the Marietta Pilgrimage Tour of Homes twice (76 Stewart Avenue), and they have traveled all over the world. Ted is a lighting designer for a global lighting design firm, CDM Lighting Design Group, which did the lighting design for Ponce City Market and has had offices in Dubai, Beijing, London, Cincinnati.

“But we love Marietta,” Lara said, who added that their oldest child just graduated from Marietta High School, and they have a sophomore at MHS and a seventh grader at Marietta Middle School. The couple met in drama class in college, Lara wanting to be an actor and Ted needing a credit and deciding to do tech and lighting work. “The first thing that drew us to Marietta was the architecture. We love old craftsman houses. We lived in a craftsman neighborhood in California before we moved here, in Pasadena. And Marietta had the same kind of feel, the walkable neighborhoods, the sidewalks, the old big trees, the houses that are carefully renovated...Atlanta only has a handful of neighborhoods that fit that. And we knew we were raising a family, so we wanted a place where we would want to raise them.”

The building itself, Ted said, is likely 100 years old and its early evolutions were from a gas station to a tire distribution center, hence the McPherson Tire mural painted just outside the space’s garage doors.

The couple said they plan to be open Tuesday through Saturday, from happy hour until the last person leaves. The patio was already conveniently spaced out 6 feet apart with its bar tops, so they can offer a safe space for people wanting to social distance while still being, well, social. They are also using the space as a showroom and headquarters for their other businesses, Happier Camper and Temperance Trailers, which offer upscale camping experiences and can be rented out for events as well.

For more information on The Third Door, visit the thirddoor.net.


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Dazzle Faddy

This reads like a middle schooler wrote it...I didn't know Georgia had deserts. Journalism is a joke now.

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