Travel back in time with me if you will. Let’s rewind the clock two years and three months. Remember Snowmageddon? I know, I know — dumb question.

By LaTria Garnigan

Up until that moment and years before, I always loved winter. I looked forward to buying a new scarf and gloves each season — because, let’s face it, we all lose a pair each year — and breaking out the old pea coat. But the end of January 2014 changed all of that. And for the first moment in my life I uttered the words “I’m so ready for spring.”

It was a monumental occasion. I had been through Atlanta “snow storms” before. You know the 1 to 2 inches of ice/snow combo that got us out of school and work. Yeah, the good ole days. But this was different. I had never been OUT in the midst of the storm.

Always just watching from the sidelines of my home, snuggled up with some hot cocoa and waiting for the perfect moment to go outside and form that perfect snowball.

It’s a rare occasion when we Georgians can play in snow. But this went too far. We were unprepared and well, my night ended with a Waffle House sleepover. God bless that 24-hour staple.

This brings me to spring. That first day when the weather hits 70 degrees, you start to feel alive. It’s a literal thawing out from the cocooning that we all do beginning in October.

And let’s face it — the Atlanta area really comes alive in the spring. Parks begin overflowing, festivals of all kinds get their start and our favorite Braves gear gets moved to the front of our closets. People are generally jovial. You might even get a wave instead of the opposite while traveling on I-75.

When that warm sun hits your skin, it just brightens your mood and you’re ready to take on new adventures. Because of my newfound love of spring, I’ve come up with a few activities that I want to do to further enjoy the season. You might think these to be trivial, but that’s okay.

  • I want to see a live theater production — this can be a musical or a stage play. But anything to do with the theater, I love. Now don’t get me wrong, I love television and movies. But to see actors live and in person is really magical. It’s sort of an adrenaline rush for the audience because in the back of your mind you’re hoping that everything goes smoothly.
  • I have to see the Braves at least one last time at Turner Field. Call it nostalgia, but I’ll miss traveling downtown to see them play. I just have to enter those gates one last time before they move here to Cobb.
  • I need to work on my photography. I purchased my DSLR in May of last year and am still a newbie when it comes to photography skills. That is something that I do want to work on and get better at. Plus, I can only take so many photos of my dog. And at this point, she’s tired of modeling.
  • At least one outside concert is a must. I went to one about two years ago and it was one of the best concerts I had been to — very relaxed atmosphere and you get to be surrounded by people of all ages there with the same goal in mind: just to have a good time.

So, hats off to you, spring!

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