Vibrant colors and artwork are the stars of the show in the redesign of a bedroom and upstairs sitting/TV room for the Muthiahs – Abhinav, 17, and his sister Amitha, 20. No strangers to renovations, this was the first time they were able to be more hands-on with the layout.

written by LaTria Garnigan // photography by Erin Gray Cantrell

Mother and daughter interior design duo Meriwether and Kathryn McAdams of the Meriwether Design Group has worked with the Muthiah family since the building of the 5-year-old home. The new designs truly reflect the young Muthiahs style, while also meshing well with the east Cobb home.


Abhinav wanted a room he could grow into. With striking blue walls, cool grey bedding and orange/red accents — the space truly reflects his style, along with ample room to display his love of vinyls and a space to complete his homework.

“The room is more open now with the new way my bed is facing,” he said. “My bed used to be the only furniture. It looks cool now, I never used to have art or anything.”

Kathryn said they went high and low in Abhinav’s room — in terms of height and price.

The mirrors, desk and nightstand are all custom-made from the design group, which brings a bit of exclusivity to the room.


What was formerly a catch-all room in the home, has turned into a comfortable, relaxing space for Amitha and Abhinav to hang out, read and watch TV. It also still has space for their dad to do some work from time to time.

The room is framed by artwork and derived much of its design from the myriad of pieces that hang on the walls. Sculptures and vases also frame the large built-in and custom-built sofa table.

“We talked to Muthiah and found out what he wanted — he wanted to work up here occasionally and somewhere for the kids. That’s where we got our inspiration,” said Kathryn.

Amitha, who was very involved in the decor of the room said she likes the artwork the most and feels the space is now more of a complete room.

They were lucky with the built-ins, but the room received a fresh coat of paint, some custom-built pieces [like the sofa table] and custom fabric pieces that help anchor the taller than standard ceilings.


Mix it up — your teen is not always going to be interested in the same band, sport, or fad … combining elements from a variety of their interest will create more staying power and will not feel like you went with a theme.

Think long term — Your teen won’t always be a teen. If you invest in furniture and lighting that you like, not just your teen, you will be much happier in the future.

Highs & Lows — Children and teen rooms often feel overwhelming because there is too much going on and the eye can’t rest. So just like when you’re dressing, pick a few statement pieces/points and keep the rest simple and classic.


Bookcases – keep it simple. Often bigger pieces and less shelves give you higher impact and keep it from becoming cluttered looking.

Art – both of these rooms rely heavily on art and if you took the art away the rooms would not work. This is why we often start with a piece of art and draw from it to create a color palette for a space. One important thing that people forget about with art is the framing. And the framing of this art was very important as many of the pieces are simple prints that we framed up in nice custom matted frames in a variety of finishes.


Timetable of renovation: We truly believe that good design doesn’t just happen overnight, it is a process and a journey. The jobs that often turn out the best are ones where the time line allows for experimentation and for us to happen upon the perfect piece. The bedroom was probably 10 to 12 weeks. This is a pretty average turnaround time. As it includes consultation, measurements, design, selections, presentations, final selections, ordering, production (which for furniture is usually 6 to 8 weeks), shipping, delivery and installation. The sitting room was done in conjunction with a renovation and as a result took longer, closer to 16 weeks, start to finish.

Square footage of renovated rooms (combined): about 800 square feet

Color and brand of paint color for walls (each room): The bedroom is a custom mix, similar to Sherwin Williams’ Naval SW6244, created to match the blue in Barcelona FC’s crest. The trim is Benjamin Moore OC-100 Palace White. Everything in the sitting room is painted Benjamin Moore OC-100 Palace White. It is a warm cream that creates a beautiful backdrop without feeling cold or sterile.

Material of flooring (each room): The bedroom has wall-to-wall cream carpet. We love wall-to-wall carpet in bedrooms as it is so practical. It also adds comfort while also making the space look much larger. The sitting room has wonderful features like antique wooden beams and wide planked wood that we softened up with a carpet bound into an area rug. This is something that we do often as it allows us to get the perfect size rug for the space and is very economical. Often the standard 9×12 or 8×10 isn’t the best fit and like people … rooms are not always one size fits all.

Brand of furnishings (bedroom furniture, sitting room): Bedroom — Lee Industries made the custom bed but the nightstands and mirrors where specially made by us (Meriwether Design Group) for the space as we had very specific dimensions we needed to hit. Lighting is Arteriors and West Elm

Sitting Room — the sectional is custom Wesley Hall, visual comfort lighting, custom sofa table.

Overall style for bedroom and sitting room:

Bedroom — It’s a really transitional room that is a true reflection of the teen who lives in it. We took elements of many of his interests, i.e. wall color — soccer, entertainment area, gaming and gallery wall with vinyl record collection.

Sitting Room — playful and cheerful. This is a place where you want to hang out.

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