For historic Marietta Square resident Lettie Primeaux, holiday traditions run deeper than simply family recipes and travel plans.

Instead, she and her husband, Alan, carry on a very personal attachment to all things Christmas inspired by her mother and symbolized through the couple’s extensive yuletide home decor.

“It was a focus of my mom to make all holidays very special, and Christmas was her favorite,” Primeaux said. “She spent a lot of time and effort, and I helped her. I have a lot of wonderful childhood memories of helping my mom and grandparents decorate, and I just love how Christmas transforms our home.”

Today, Primeaux celebrates the season not just through generous holiday entertaining but also by decorating her home with four Christmas trees, several mantlescapes and countless holiday-inspired vignettes.

The entire affair takes at least four full weekends of meticulous planning and arranging to complete, with the most formal tree in the dining room taking about 10 hours to get just right.

“It’s a great deal of effort, but I enjoy it,” Primeaux said. “It makes me happy.”

Through it all, one common thread weaves a story — everything is themed and replete with treasures gifted by loved ones and collected on her travels, including an extensive ornament collection, vintage Santas that once belonged to her grandmother and a small-scale holiday replica of her hometown in Murfreesboro, Tenn., to which her father still contributes each year.

“From an early age, my mom gave us ornaments every year,” she said. “We always had our little box of unique ornaments that belonged just to us. I have that collection at home now. In high school, I started a collection of Radko [ornaments], and I started a Waterford collection because I love Ireland.”

Talk about trimming the tree with treasures! That’s a recipe for a merry and bright Christmas season.

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