Allatoona is the team of the decade, but how was it determined?

The formula we used came from former Morgan County coach Alvin Richardson. About 10 years ago he created the formula to try and determine which high school football program in Georgia was the best over a 25-year period. This formula awards programs points based on its play and its consistency. We made one addition to the formula, which fills a gap we thought the original created.

The formula awards one point for each win over the decade and a half point if a game ended in a tie. It follows by giving a program two-points for every playoff victory.

The consistency portion works like this. If a team over the decade won between 60 and 64.9 percent of its games, it was given an extra point. If it won 65 to 69.9 percent, it earned three points. A program that won 70 to 74.9 percent of its games received five points, 75 to 79.9 percent was worth seven points, and 80 percent or higher earned 10 points.

A program also earned 10 points for each state championship it won.

Since the formula is based on winning, the adjustment we made was giving credit for region championships. In our updated version, each program earned three points for winning a region title. We felt like this was a needed addition, as winning the region championship and earning a No. 1 seed for the playoffs is always a significant goal for any team.

In the cases for Richardson’s project and this one, nothing could be figured out without the help of the Georgia High School Football Historian’s Association website. The site, which can be seen at, might be the best data base of high school football information in the country. It has recorded every school’s victory as far back as Marietta in 1902.


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