Kell held Lassiter to 67 total yards as the Longhorns dominated their east Cobb neighbor for a 27-0 win Friday night.

Lassiter (0-3) has yet to find the end zone this season. The Trojans put up three points each in losses to Harrison and Pope.

“Three straight weeks, it’s kind of the same old story,” Lassiter coach Sean Thom said. “The defense played their tails off. They continue to keep doing their job and, offensively, it just boils down to poor execution and turnovers.”

Kell (2-0) only led 8-0 at halftime and 11-0 early in the second half. The Longhorns’ defense took over, however, taking one interception back for a touchdown and returning another down inside the 5-yard line to set up another score.

“The score, that’s not indicative of the game at all, which is just frustrating,” Thom said. “Four times in three games, we have turned the ball over, which has resulted in points. Not only are we not scoring points offensively, we are directly contributing to the other team’s defense scoring points.”

Kell’s offense and Lassiter’s defense battled it out to a relative standstill for much of the game before the Longhorns pulled away thanks to the turnovers.

Some inconsistencies bothered Kell coach Brett Sloan, but, overall, he was pleased with the team’s performance.

“We missed some big touchdown passes, but we also made some good throws,” Sloan said. “We had periods in the game where we ran the ball well, we just weren’t consistent enough to maybe capitalize on some drives.”

Sloan was happy to take the win in whatever form it came.

“We played with great effort on defense and offense,” Sloan said. “We need to clean some of the execution up. That’s the thing we talked about last night after the game, but it’s always good to win, especially in a rivalry, so we’re happy about that.”


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