Remember when you were a kid and you spent a lazy Saturday afternoon on the couch watching TV?

There were always those really bad B movies that were so bad, so goofy, or so much like a car accident on the side of the interstate that no matter what you did you had to keep watching?

That was the Michigan-Iowa matchup this weekend. While working at the house I turned it on because it was supposed to be a matchup between No. 19 and No. 14, but all this game did was set the sport back at least 50 years. Final score Michigan 10, Iowa 3.

Iowa’s running game garnered 1 yard on 30 carries. Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson, the Ole Miss transfer who was supposed to help take the Wolverines to the next level, was 14 of 26 for 147 yards and an interception. His quarterback rating was 27.4. As bad as he was, he was the better of the two on the day as Iowa’s Nate Stanley, who threw for 260 yards and three interceptions, had a QBR of 23.1. While there were plenty of quarterbacks who had worse days than this pair, it would be hard to imagine anyone who missed more open receivers.

Now, some people may point out that it was a game between two pretty good defenses, which may be true, but that didn’t make the viewing experience any better.

Iowa was able to move the ball at will between the 30s, but each time the Hawkeyes got near a scoring opportunity, Michigan dialed up pressure and forced Stanley into an interception, or it was able to sack him. Eight times in all the Stanley was sacked and most of the time his offensive line looked like water flowing through a sieve. Overall, the Wolverines had 13 tackles for loss, and despite the defensive prowess, they still couldn’t put the game away.

The only “good” thing that came out of this game was Michigan could claim a victory. All I know is it was three hours of my life that I won’t get back.

On to my top 25.

As always, a disclaimer. This is my second year as an AP Top 25 voter. I don’t care if Georgia or Georgia Tech win. The same can be said about Alabama, Auburn, Clemson or anyone else for that matter. I was born in Ohio, but I am not an Ohio State fan. My money went to UAB, whose bandwagon is up and running again after a 35-20 victory over Rice moved them to 4-1 on the season. The defending Conference USA championship have won all 15 games at home since the program returned a couple years ago. When I start voting them in the top 10, you can start calling me a homer.

Thoughts on my ballot:

1. Alabama: The Crimson Tide will be on the road, at Texas A&M, against a ranked opponent on Saturday. Will it matter?

2. Clemson: The Tigers host Florida State on Saturday. Remember when this would have been a big game?

3. Ohio State: The question was how would Justin Fields and the Buckeyes offense respond when they faced a defensive challenge. After one quarter against Michigan State, Ohio State had run 16 plays for 16 yards. After a few in-game adjustments, the Buckeyes rolled up 24 points and 294 yards in the second quarter to post another rout.

4. Georgia: How do you respond to being behind 14-13 to Tennessee? Score the next 30 points is a pretty good answer. By the way, I enjoyed seeing former Marietta High School standout Azeez Ojulari come up with two big sacks. It’s also going to be fun watching former Sprayberry star Rodrigo Blankenship kick in the NFL next year.

5. LSU: If Joe Burrow hasn’t put himself into the Heisman conversation by now, I don’t know what else he has to do. He went 27 of 38 for 344 yards and five touchdowns against Utah State. For the year, he is completing 79 percent of his passes for 1,864 yards, 22 touchdowns against only three interceptions. Of course, he could do it against Florida when LSU opens SEC play.

7. Florida: The defense can play. Sure, the Gators beat a freshman quarterback, but it was a freshman quarterback who had already knocked off Oregon and Texas A&M away from home. What can they do against Burrow at LSU on Saturday?

8. Wisconsin: Jonathan Taylor will be the single biggest roadblock for Ohio State in the Big Ten. He has already run for 745 yards and 12 touchdowns this season, and is the only non-quarterback in the Heisman discussion. The Badgers head to Columbus to play Ohio State on Oct. 26.

16. Boise State: If the Broncos can beat Hawaii on Saturday and BYU in two weeks, they will begin to look like the Group of 5 representative for the New Year’s Six bowls.

21. SMU: The Mustangs are 6-0 and ranked for the first time since the hey day of the “Pony Express” when they were led by running backs Eric Dickerson, the future Hall of Famer, and Craig James.

1. Alabama

2. Clemson

3. Ohio State

4. Georgia

5. LSU

6. Oklahoma

7. Florida

8. Wisconsin

9. Notre Dame

10. Texas

11. Penn State

12. Auburn

13. Oregon

14. Michigan

15. Utah

16. Boise State

17. Texas A&M

18. Iowa

19. Virginia

20. Arizona State

21. SMU

22. Wake Forest

23. Washington

24. Tulane

25. Memphis


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