Piedmont Transplant Institute, Piedmont Healthcare’s service line that performs abdominal transplants — such as liver, kidney and pancreas — set a second consecutive internal record.

For fiscal year 2019, the non-for-profit organization transplanted 384 organs — an increase of 18% for the fiscal year ending June 30. The increase also represents an improvement of nearly 40% since FY 2016.

During the 2018 calendar year, Piedmont also became Georgia’s leading transplant center for livers. Piedmont ranks in the top 15% in the country in organ transplant volumes. Piedmont Atlanta Hospital, the organization’s flagship hospital and where all of the procedures were performed, ranks among the nation’s busiest non-academic transplant hospitals.

Piedmont Transplant Institute has satellite clinics in Marietta, Albany, Athens, Dalton, Fayetteville, Marietta and Savannah.

Piedmont surgeons transplanted the following number of organs during Fiscal Year 2019:

♦ 245 kidneys — 151 from deceased donors and 94 from living donors.

♦ 127 livers — 121 deceased donors and six living donors.

♦ 12 pancreases

Eric Gibney, M.D., and Harrison Pollinger, D.O., who serve as co-program directors of Piedmont Transplant, said organ donation – from both living and deceased donors – is essential to serving patients in need. Piedmont has roughly 1,400 patients on its kidney transplant waiting list.

Piedmont Transplant continues to maintain outstanding outcomes for liver disease survival, kidney and liver transplant outcomes, and maintains key expertise in living donation. More than 40% of kidneys transplanted at Piedmont come from living donors, a key factor for better long-term outcomes. Since 1986, Piedmont Transplant has been recognized as one of the nation’s most successful transplant programs, performing nearly 4,800 transplant surgeries for kidney liver, pancreas and heart recipients.

Piedmont Transplant will move into the Piedmont Atlanta Tower in Phase II of the building’s opening in 2022. The tower’s first five floors will open in late summer 2020. The tower was made possible in part by a $75 million gift from The Marcus Foundation.

For more information, visit piedmont.org.


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