People who receive parking violations in Marietta may soon have more time to pay up.

City prosecutor Robert Donovan said the current ordinance states parking violations must be paid within five days before the amount escalates.

For example, a driver parked in a no parking zone can currently be charged up to $25 for a first offence if they pay within the first five days, but that amount goes up to $40 on day 6.

Donovan suggests changing the cut-off period to 10 days because he said payments sent within the time frame often arrive late.

“The practical situation the court has found is that incidents where the violator has attempted to pay within that five-day period are often delayed by the U.S. Postal Service,” Donovan wrote in a memorandum to the committee.

When that happens, court employees have to go back and manually adjust the computer records to show the violator paid the correct amount, he said.

The Judicial and Legislative Committee is set to discuss the idea during Tuesday’s committee meetings.

Also at those meetings:

♦ The Public Works Committee will discuss purchasing the Mill Street parking lot near Marietta Square to construct a multipurpose parking deck there.

♦ The Finance Committee will discuss establishing funding for $15 million worth of improvements to the Marietta Hilton Conference Center and Hotel, which Remington Hotel Management would pay back to the city with 6% interest.

♦ The Judicial and Legislative Committee is set to continue discussion of code regarding food trucks.

♦ The Judicial and Legislative committee will also see revised plans for the remaining phases of the Manget development, discuss changes to code regarding overgrown yards and discuss repealing and replacing the city’s ethics code.

♦ The Public Works Committee will consider adding a single-lane roundabout at Polk Street and Mountain View Road as a 2011 SPLOST project. Previous discussions recommended a bypass lane from southbound Mountain View to westbound Polk with an additional lane extension to Burnt Hickory Road.

♦ The Public Safety Committee will discuss changes to City Hall security, including purchasing metal detectors. In a letter from Marietta Police Major Tanya Twaddell to City Manager Bill Bruton, the department laid out the costs for beefing up security, including installing cameras, keypads and other measures. One plan would add two additional full-time officers and cost a total of $572,000. The other would instead bring on bailiffs from the municipal court and cost $552,750.


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