The Georgia Manufacturing Alliance will celebrate its 10th Year Anniversary on Feb.1 at the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant.

Industry leaders from around the state will come to show support for GMA and its founder and CEO Jason Moss. A special proclamation will be given from the Governor’s office recognizing the accomplishments of Moss and his organization.

Lt. Col. Waldo Waldman, author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal best seller, “Never Fly Solo,” will also be addressing the group. Waldman is a highly experienced combat veteran with over 2,650 flight hours and 65 real world combat missions, having flown both in Iraq enforcing the No-Fly Zone and in Yugoslavia during Operation Allied Force in 1999. Part of the proceeds from GMA’s 10th Year Anniversary will go to support the Veterans Empowerment Organization which provides housing and resources for veterans in transition.

“I started this organization in 2008 when manufacturers were struggling, and the economy was at its lowest,” Moss said. “With the current administration’s focus on bringing manufacturing back to the U.S., I anticipate that the next several years will see tremendous innovation and growth for our industry.”

GMA began with a core group of 15 manufacturers and service providers that saw a need to find local resources for their industry. They wanted to buy, sell and trade locally, but did not have the platform and resources to make the connections. GMA has grown to over 250 members representing over 60,000 employees with six chapters across the state. The GMA staff and chapter directors work together to coordinate plant tours, educational workshops, and networking events in their regions. Each month GMA provides plant tours across the state where others can learn best business practices from their peers. In 2017 GMA hosted 115 tours and events.


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