Telemedicine company ExamMed, 200 Galleria Parkway in the Cumberland area, has partnered with 2UMedical, a concierge health care practice offering both in-home and in-office primary care for patients in the Atlanta area.

The partnership further expands patient centered services to include virtual care.

Concierge health care provides patients with the option to be treated when and where it is most convenient for them. 2UMedical has a team of providers who are equipped with treating patients for urgent care or wellness needs, functional medicine, aesthetic and beauty, IV and physical therapy.

“Our practice was founded on professional, discreet and convenient care,” said Linda McIver, president and founder of 2UMedical. “We wanted to expand our in-home services and offer our patients the option to receive care via a smartphone, tablet or laptops. We chose ExamMed as a telemedicine partner because of its HIPAA-compliant capabilities, patient-friendly technology and team of professionals dedicated to ensuring the technology is seamlessly incorporated into our practice.”

“ExamMed understands the importance of making health care more accessible for patients through telemedicine, with a focus on creating opportunities for patients to connect with their personal practitioner,” said Faraz Zubairi, CEO of ExamMed. “2UMedical has always prioritized accessibility, and we are thrilled to partner with them to further expand their capabilities.”

ExamMed’s technology is incorporated into medical practices across the country, and the team is committed to providing best practices, on-site training and general guidance to ensure the virtual care technology serves as a seamless, valuable tool to complement traditional in-office care and strengthen relationships between doctors and their patients.

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