Marietta-based EarthCon Consultants Inc. announced that employees Joe Ricker, Timothy Goist and David Winchell were recently awarded a patent for their Groundwater Plume Analytics Well Sufficiency Analysis process.

The patent is U.S. Patent No. 10,304,223.

Well Sufficiency Analysis was developed to help clients evaluate their groundwater monitoring well networks and determine how many monitoring wells are actually necessary to understand groundwater plume behavior. There are currently thousands of monitoring sites all over the world, many with hundreds of monitoring wells being sampled on a regular basis. Until now, there was not a very compelling product to determine which wells really need to be monitored and which wells could be abandoned while still maintaining a complete understanding of the plume behavior.

In addition to eliminating unnecessary monitoring wells, WSA can also provide a technically defensible rationale for reducing sampling frequency. WSA has been utilized at a number of client sites during the patent process and has resulted in millions of dollars of cost savings for EarthCon’s clients as well as significant reductions in their environmental reserve.

This tool was developed to help clients reduce their overall operations, maintenance & monitoring spending, better understand groundwater plume behavior and better evaluate remediation progress and costs.

This is the second Groundwater Plume Analytics patent for Ricker and Goist and the first for Winchell.

Currently, another Plume Analytics product is in patent review and the team continues to innovate and attempt to create effective solutions for clients.

With over 15 locations in the U.S. and headquartered in Marietta, EarthCon is a nationally recognized environmental consulting and engineering firm offering clients innovative business solutions to environmental challenges.

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