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Over the first half of 2018, the Bank of North Georgia and 25 other banks across the southeast will undergo identity changes as they are consolidated with their parent company, Synovus. While the names of the banks will change along with their signage, Synovus representatives say customers should not expect any changes in service.

Starting next month, the 43 Bank of North Georgia branches will feature signs and banners displaying a new name: Synovus.

More than two dozen banks across five southeastern states will undergo similar fates as Columbus-based Synovus consolidates its subsidiaries under a single identity.

As it stands now, Synovus operates 26 different banks across Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee and South Carolina, but all 250 branch locations will share a single name by the end of June, said Lee Underwood, spokesman for Synovus.

Division CEO Rob Garcia Jr. said aside from the signs on the banks and ATMs, customers should expect more of the same.

“They should expect absolutely no difference in service and no difference in the team members who have been representing them,” he said. “It’s the same great bank with the same consistent, stable leadership. It’s just a matter of us consolidating under the name Synovus.”

Bank of North Georgia has been serving customers in and around metro Atlanta since 1994. Four years later, the bank merged with Synovus.

“We’re all one bank now,” Garcia said. “We have just been operating under different names for years. We feel strategically, it’s important to be consolidated under one name, but practically speaking, we’ve been one bank for many years. We only have one stock and that’s Synovus.”

The transition began Jan. 3 in Columbus with the changing of the signage at Columbus Bank and Trust locations. The largest portion of the rebranding project, however, involves changing the name of the 43 Bank of North Georgia locations, Underwood said. Georgia’s rebranding effort is set to begin Feb. 1 and continue through early March.

By the time the consolidation process concludes at the end of June, nearly 3,400 signs and logos in banks across five states will have changed.


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