The Cobb Chamber presented its 2017 Health Hero Awards to two recipients at its First Monday Breakfast at the Cobb Galleria Centre on Dec. 4.

The awards, sponsored by Cobb and Douglas Public Health and Cobb 2020 Partnership for a Healthier Cobb County, recognized the outstanding accomplishments of one individual and one organization who have made significant impacts on the health of the Cobb County community.

The individual Health Hero Award was presented to Missy Owen, founder of the Davis Direction Foundation, an organization dedicated to becoming a national resource for opioid/heroin addiction awareness and change.

The Foundation strives to remove the outdated stigma of opiate addiction and innovatively revamp the rehabilitation process to appropriately address the disease of opiate/heroin addiction as one of the most severe forms of addiction. Owens also started The Zone, a recovery community organization that mobilizes resources within and outside of the recovery community to make it possible for the recovery population to find long-term assistance.

MetroAtlanta Ambulance Service was presented the Health Hero Award for a deserving organization.

MetroAtlanta places its mission to provide excellence in patient care and customer service as the model for every call, client experience and for their expansive community involvement efforts. MetroAtlanta’s employees actively serve on planning teams, participate in community emergency response and recovery exercises, as well as transport the Emergency Preparedness & Response Command Trailer to multiple community events to aid public safety and first aid.

In 2016, MetroAtlanta Ambulance Service, led by CEO Pete Quinones, donated more than 2,500 volunteer hours, $250,000 direct dollars, $120,000 dollars of in kind contributions and more than $6.5 million dollars in uncompensated emergency care to Cobb residents.

 For more information, contact Jazmyn McCloud at 770-319-4716  or


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