Lanny Allgood, CEO of Cingo Inc. and Brandon Ansley, Cingo stakeholder and owner of The Cornerstone Inspection Group.

The merger of Cingo and The Cornerstone Inspection Group, at 2900 Paces Ferry Road in the Cumberland area, brings together nearly 70 years of experience.

With an expected 10,000 home inspections in 2019, the combined company is among the largest in the country and has the largest footprint of any home inspection company in Georgia.

“We believe this is the model homeowners crave,” said Lanny Allgood, CEO of Cingo, a regional home protection services firm founded as a pest control company in Dublin in 1974. Cingo began offering home inspections in 2018.

“We built Cingo on the foundation of protecting families with pest control,” Allgood said. “Now we’re ready to broaden that to the idea that our protection begins before a homeowner even buys a home.”

Building on the strong reputations of Cingo and Cornerstone, the merged company will focus on homeowners and real estate professionals across Georgia and South Carolina.

The Cornerstone Inspection Group, owned by Brandon Ansley, has provided home inspections in metro Atlanta since 1995. Ansley will continue to lead the Cornerstone team as part of Cingo, and Cornerstone’s team will join the more than 100 Cingo team members based throughout Georgia and South Carolina.

Cornerstone, which has conducted more than 25,000 Atlanta home inspections throughout more than 20 years, will also continue to provide home inspection services under its own brand.

While some on-demand services — such as those offered by Amazon and Uber — work well for some products and one-time purchases, homeowners typically seek more long-term relationships when it comes to protecting their homes.

“Ongoing relationships built on trust are essential for homeowners when protecting their family and home,” said Ansley, a member of one of Atlanta’s oldest real estate families. “The services our two companies offer belong together. We’re now able to offer our customers protection services throughout the lifetime of homeownership.”


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