Immigration and ‘the children’: Obama’s border crisis a setup and Georgia's not ready
by D.A. King
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02-08-11  --KING D A 01--  STAFF/LAURA MOON.
02-08-11 --KING D A 01-- STAFF/LAURA MOON.
After three years of silence on immigration in Georgia, Gov. Nathan Deal fired off an angry letter to President Barack Obama last week concerning 1,154 illegal alien “unaccompanied minors” being secretly shipped to Georgia. He says some legislators are complaining about increased school enrollments.

Like many other governors across the nation, it seems Deal is upset Dear Leader didn’t inform the governor’s office about the influx of new illegal aliens.

Because the MSM — including the Atlanta newspapers — is offering up the usual agenda-driven and intentionally low-information version of coverage on all things “immigration,” here are some inconvenient facts on “the humanitarian, unaccompanied children, border crisis.”

This chaos was created by Barack Obama with the Saul Alinsky-designed intention of crashing the entire American immigration enforcement system, creating a last- minute vehicle for another congressional amnesty and importing as many future Democratic voters as possible.

The results of a GOP-run House vote Thursday on a deceptive “appropriations” bill will show us if the Republicans play along. They have been warned that passing this legislation could serve as a “Trojan Horse” for reviving the Senate’s amnesty bill.

The majority of “the children” aren’t children. Or “unaccompanied.” Most of the “children” that we are told every half-hour somehow made it 1,500 miles from Central America to Texas alone are actually teens, according to the Pew Research Center. Some are gang members. Border patrol agents who come in contact with these “children” are reporting cases of scabies.

And unless you know where to look you aren’t going to find out about the freshly-shaven new “children” with gray hair who claim to be teens while applying for asylum and enrollment in American schools, but who don’t have a scrap of documentation.

The Washington Times reports according to Border Patrol statistics, most of the illegal alien “children” apprehended in the recent border rush are actually entire families. Less than one-fourth of all those apprehended are unaccompanied alien children from Central America.

“The number of illegally arriving families shot up five times faster than UAC arrivals over last year” says the news report.

Information from an actual study of and report on the facts on “the children” from the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies doesn’t help the Obama fairy tale.

“Despite the attention it has received, by its own terms, the ‘William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008’ — a law aimed, in part, at “unaccompanied alien children” who are victims of trafficking — may have little applicability to the current situation on the border. It appears that a significant majority of children coming across are not “unaccompanied alien children” according to the definition found in federal law. Federal law defines an “unaccompanied alien child” as an illegal alien under the age of 18 who is without “a parent or legal guardian in the United States.” Data from government agencies suggest the overwhelming majority of minors arriving on the U.S. border have family in the United States. 

The CIS report, goes on: “There is little evidence to suggest that the recent arrivals are victims of trafficking, which involves coercion. Instead, families and their children are willing participants in smuggling operations, having paid smugglers (up to $10K) to bring them into the United States.” As ICE explains, “Human trafficking and human smuggling are distinct criminal activities, and the terms are not interchangeable.”

What Georgians — including Deal — should understand and prepare for is that all of this deceit isn’t even the main event in Obama’s scheme. Assuming the House Republicans stand strong Thursday, that would be an administrative amnesty declaration which is likely coming in the next month or so, unless he is stopped.

Deal and the leadership of the Georgia state Legislature were warned numerous times over the last year that Barack Obama would expand his 2012 “deferred action” on deportation for many, if not most, illegal aliens in the nation if the House refuses to allow a path to the Rubio-Schumer senate amnesty scam pushed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the far left.

While Deal remained silent, in the 2014 session, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce convinced the Establishment Republicans in leadership positions under the Gold Dome to kill legislation aimed at preparing Georgia for Obama’s unconstitutional action. A bill intended to alter Georgia law so that “deferred action” illegal aliens could not legally access most public benefits — including driver’s licenses — was declared “anti-business” and killed.

Georgia has more illegals than Arizona. With an estimated population of 400,000 or so “victims of borders” in Georgia, you may by wondering why the sudden angry fuss from a few legislators and Deal about Obama secretly adding 1,154 more.

Try this: The November election is in about 100 days.

D.A. King of east Cobb is president of The Dustin Inman Society and a nationally recognized expert on immigration.

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Ruthie B
August 07, 2014
Thank you Kevin Foley for constantly proving everything real Americans notice about you. How many illegal alien 'childre' are you sponsoring? Oh, wait. None? I agree: you are a hack - and anybody who says so is a "bigot." Sad little man, Foley. I dare you to try to take King on again. As my brother says: It is fun to see you get your *** handed to you by much better men.

Only attention starved ego maniacs would make a habit of being a community laughing stock just to see their name in a newspaper Foley. Your are the kind of little guy who is his own biggest fan. HA!
Kevin Foley
August 11, 2014
Hey Ruthie (whoever you are) - have your attendants check your med dosages because it looks as though you're having problems with coherent thought and the keyboard.
August 06, 2014
WOW! WHAT A BRAVE MAN! While I see the Republicans in Cobb bury their head in the sand and pretend not to notice that the GOP state legislature and the governor have sold out to the illegals and the business mob, this guy hits all the points and tells it like it is.

Deal has granted state amnesty to illegal aliens and has them in his office a lot. He should be asking King for advice!

When King has Kevin Foley and (not smart) Rich Pellegrino after him, you know he is on the right track! HOORAY!

Rich Pellegrino
August 03, 2014
As usual, the same paranoid, conspiracy theory gibberish disguised as concern for the rule of law (as if the ruling class in this county, state, and country ever followed the "rule of law"; others who don't respect the "rule of law" except when it applies to immigrants are Mr King's Bundy friends in Nevada, and Sheriffs Arpaio, Warren, etc ).

No one, including King & his cronies, knows much about these children and new immigrants so there is no reason to fear or conjecture. Just like the majority of immigrants to this country, past or present, who came here "legally" or otherwise, they are likely decent human beings with legitimate reasons for coming and will, if allowed to stay after due process, for whatever reasons, become contributing and productive members of our society...just like the millions of current undocumented immigrants. That is the history of this country, and in every age there were the fear mongers (sometimes known as the "know nothing party" who went around decrying the new immigrants, whether they were Italians, Germans, Irish, etc, etc. There is nothing new...a few fearful folk exaggerate the issue and make a lot of noise to spread the fear and manipulate the fearful. (I know they will point to a few cases of bad apples to stigmatize all, but that is what bigots do.)

We will work it out, like we are learning to do here in Cobb & GA (where the right and left, Tea Party and Progressives, are dropping the labels and past disagreements and are working together to find solutions) and meanwhile, like good Americans and human beings, we will welcome these children and families and provide for them, whether temporarily or permanently, until they can provide for themselves and give back or pay it forward...just like we did for all of our ancestors who paid it forward for us to be here and reap the benefits.
Doobie Dog
August 04, 2014
Like their illegal alien parents, they will grow to resent the US because we have borders and because they are poor while they join forces with your open borders idiocy, Rich. Tell us again how it fells to stand on the stage with Bill Ayers, American terrorist? You are dirt Rich. And very dim.

Thanks Mr.King! Your column bring out the nuts on the left!
Rondie Belker
August 07, 2014
Rich. Just be honest and tell us how racist our borders really are. BTW - when are you going to organize another "hunger strike" for OTHER people to not eat to prove how militant YOU are on TV about no borders? BWA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Nancy Yerill
July 31, 2014
Foley. Typical liberal. In the spirit of your level of intellect: You are a stupid head. BTW: How many "children" from Central America have you taken in to your home? Or is it others people's money you use with your idiocy?

Figure out Cloward Piven yet ?
Kevin Foley
August 01, 2014
"Stupid head"????? OUCH!!!!!

Did you make that up yourself or did your attendant help you?

Nancy, I'll give you this: At least you have the guts to put your name on your gibberish, which is more than I can say for the other MDJ trolls.
Wally Obamy
July 30, 2014
I just saw Deal on WSBTV whimpering about illegals with Jerry Gonzalez in the governor's office. I will not go to poll this election- Repubs are cowards. Deal is giant fraud. THANK YOU MR KING!
July 30, 2014
It would take a fool to believe that any amount of funding that Obama gets is going to go to facilitating & expediting the return of these illegals VOTE NO - NOT ONE PENNY
Wally Obamay
July 30, 2014
I have heard this before. Too bad our congressman who wanted to be a senator hasn't heard! Gingrey: VOTE NO THURSDAY!

“Despite the attention it has received, by its own terms, the ‘William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008’ — a law aimed, in part, at “unaccompanied alien children” who are victims of trafficking — may have little applicability to the current situation on the border.

Kevin Foley
July 30, 2014
Why don't you back your latest conspiracy theory up with, you know, a fact or two:

"This chaos was created by Barack Obama with the Saul Alinsky-designed intention of crashing the entire American immigration enforcement system, creating a last- minute vehicle for another congressional amnesty and importing as many future Democratic voters as possible."

Nancy Yerill
July 30, 2014
Foley, you have proven to us that facts mean nothing to you, that you are unable to think for yourself and that you have no respect for the law unless it further Obama's goal of killing this country. I usually try to hold my keyboard on you but not today.

Your challenging DA King on anything is hilarious. But more so on immigration. As he has said, Kevin Foley is the mental proverbial pen knife in an intellectual artillery battle. I also like it when he wrote that you were an empty suit.

It is possible that you are so arrogant that you don't now about Cloward Pliven, but in case, you may want to Google " Cloward Piven immigration Obama"

And if they let you write anymore, try to include, you know a fact or two. Sometime. Foley. You are a clown and everyone laughs AT you.


Acworth- America for now
Honest Abe
July 31, 2014
Dear Comrade Kevin,

Have you set up an escrow account yet to put your contribution in to the Obama's Border Childrens Fund to do your part in defraying the mounting bill for the long term child support these kids will need?

Also, your selfless act of taking as many of these darlings into your own place of residence as possible and being their foster dad would be a great show of support for them and promote the acceptance of these poor refugees from violence and gang torn societies they are escaping from. Of course we have gangs here too like the Cripps and Bloods but they are little lambs compared to the gangs in Central America. And Chicago had another weekend of shoot 'em up bang, bang again last week but that would be considered peace and quiet in their home countries. Please Comrade can we count on you to put your own money where your mouth and heart are and support these loving kids instead of placing the entire economic child support burden on the backs of the unwilling taxpayers? Thanks! And hasta la vista baby !

July 30, 2014
The Chamber of Commerce "campaign contributions" to most of our politicians provides enough money to convince all of them to bury their heads in the sand, not listen to the people who voted them into office, and destroy our state and our country. There...I said it. That is the bottom line. Politicians, you are responsible for this mess. Another sad fact is that these people purposely "encouraged" to come to our country illegally are NOT even the poorest of the poor who need the help. However, we taxpayers are paying for their schools, their medical care, their food stamps, and even "tax refunds" to them for taxes they did not pay! Governor Deal and legislators, please stop the insanity. Do NOT issue drivers licenses to ANYONE here illegally and stop using our tax dollars to "provide a living" to those people who will work for the lowest of wages while our citizens suffer.
July 30, 2014
Thank you MDJ! Excellent work from King and oh,so true. I understand that the only Republican in the House in DC willing to do the right thing on the dangerous bill he mentions is Tom Price. AYES vote on Thursday is a sell-out of georgians. If true, we will need a lot more runoff elections in two years to replace the phonies! Sickening. Deal still has time to save himself, but it would take a special session...
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