Connect diet dots with Obamacare
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Regarding Cobb School Board member Randy Scamihorn’s comment that the “The government doesn’t need to be in the business of telling parents and young adults what they should or shouldn’t eat” and his dismay at how they are “getting away with it,” (“Smart Snack Law,” Sunday’s MDJ), it seems to be simply a matter of connecting the dots.

Tragically, due to Obamacare, the government is now in the “business” of controlling our nation’s health care system. This now opens the door for them to control what our children eat. This is the price we pay when socialists take over.

Vicki and Steve Pendleton


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why not
June 04, 2014
Excellent comment Vicki and Steve in right wing America let the kids decide what they want to eat.

Snickers, pizza and Coke for everyone, can you say obesity and sugar diabetes.
Kevin Foley
June 03, 2014
The government doesn't "control" healthcare. It regulates the health insurance industry which gamed the system for years thanks mostly to Republicans in Congress.

Mr. and Mrs. Pendleton think denying those with pre-existing conditions like lupus or setting lifetime limits on women with ovarian cancer is moral? They're against preventative healthcare?

They want to deny healthcare to poor people?

Shame on you people.
Rhett Writer
June 05, 2014
foley, you need to lighten up. Your lies and ascertations about people who hold different opinons than you hold are really most unbecoming. But most of all they kill any credibility you might have.

You come off as an angry child out to hurt people you do not like,
Red Westside
June 03, 2014
Didn't Ronald Regan exercise control over the nation's health care when he signed the Patient Anti-Dumping Act(EMTALA)28 years ago?

Didn't the EMTALA actually put the government in the "business" of controlling our nation’s health care system? Isn't that Socialism?

How exactly does Obamacare do more to control what children eat than the EMTALA?

I guess that the "Pure Food and Drug Act" was a communist plot too? How about the "Federal Meat Inspection Act"?

The US has been in the business of protecting her citizens from problems relating to foods for over a hundred years now.

At that time, Obama's parents were yet to be born.

Why not try to repeal the EMTALA, and while you're at it, get rid of that law the GW signed about making aliens eligible for food stamps?

Or does a bill become Socialist by virtue of who signs it?

And, let's put a stop to meat and other food inspections. Who cares if you get sick or die?

And, who cares what the conditions are where they make the drugs that go into your prescriptions? A little contamination never hurt anyone... Well, so what if it kills people, right? Government control of anything is Socilism?

If you don't want your kids to have the government intruding into their lives at school, and teaching nutrition, and other classical communist theories, then why don't you put them in a private school and pay tution? I pay taxes for your marginal tots to go to school? They are your responsibility, no? So why should I pay?

Kinda smacks of Socialism, doesn't it?

So, unless you are paying all the tuition, transportation costs etc., the government is in the business of educating your children. If you have a child in public school, then you are not a paying customer; you are one of the beneficiaries of socialism and have no business complaining about Socialism. You see, Socialism appears to be 'in the eye of the beholder.'

If you show me a parent who is interested in what his/her child learned in school every day, I will show you a kid that wants to learn. All the rest doesn't matter a whole lot.

I don't really mind paying some school tax: I have to live in the same country with others, and I prefer that they be educated; it's really in my own best interest. If you could see things that way, you might relize how patently foolish it is too complain about the government making an effort to curb the epidemic of obesity that is taking over.
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